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Re: art on a cart

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Thu, 9 Jul 1998 20:24:18 EDT

You need a separate art cart for each floor. Always use the same central
staircase. If switching floors between classes with no passing time (like my
schedule) use kids to carry things to your next art cart. I usually take 1 -
5 kids with me. They all LOVE to help, and I Iove to be helped. Pack all
your supplies in boxes that can be stacked and carried easily ... marker box,
crayon box.... And have one box that is your 'desk.' In that put misc. items
that you need, stapler, tape, extra chalk, extra pencils ... whatever. I also
carry a box with me with things to do if they finish early, including scrap
paper, small puzzles, drawing books, etc. At the beginning of the year tell
each teacher you need a space in the classroom to keep work when things are
unfinished, make sure the teacher knows when to send things home and when NOT
to! Tell the teacher you need a cleared off table every time you come in --
you probably won't get it in every room, but it never hurts to ask. We have
an official list that goes out to all classroom teachers at the beginning of
the year telling them what they need to do for the art specialist. Last year
I was at three different schools, on a cart at each with up to 40 kids in a
Good luck!
:) Laura Allan

In a message dated 6/27/98 1:14:44 PM Central Daylight Time, DESIGN18

<< I have taught elementary school part-time for one year. I had an art room.
Next year I will be teaching K-5 in a different elementary school and will
an art cart for 13 different classrooms. There are two floors and no
elevator. Any advise on using a cart. >>