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Re: Child development and art

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taylorh (taylorh)
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 08:44:00 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, John & Sandra Barrick wrote:

> ************************************************************************
> taylorh wrote:
> > Still, It would be simplistic and naive to suggest that
> > Anime was an innocent art form. Or that the respective
> > positions of Japan and the US on violent entertainment
> > were adequate explanations of the situations with respect
> > to violence and traumatization in each country.
> > -henry
> Henry et al-
> Obviously you don't know me

This is very true

> if you think I'm ignorant about Japanese
> animation.

Haven't the slightest idea but I suspect you know more than I

In your quote of my text above I can see that I would have been clearer
had I written:
> > Still, It would be simplistic and naive [FOR ME] to suggest that
> > Anime was an innocent art form.

This was not intended as a comment on or a criticism of what you had
written yourself but on what I had just said myself.

> Something must be said about a society ie.Japan-which can show violence
> and sex and still have a hold on their senses to not incorporate them
> into their society. For instance you can walk the streets reasonably
> safe at night. yet open affection and touching is not custom.

Yes, I was trying to get that across. Not too well, I gather. Violence
and sexuality (and, for that matter, occasional violent sexuality)in
Japanese anime (and other genre) doesn't seem to be reflected in their
society. But, it would be simplistic and naive of me to suggest that that
was sufficient to demonstrate that there could not be any links between
violence films and the appearance of violence in any society.

> On Asian films:
> So when they are old enough I'd love them to see Kurosawa films,and
> the more modern age "Taxing Woman","Green Papaya"," Tampopo",Pillow
> Book" and "Shall we dance" as an appreciation of film Noir...

How about Kwaidan? It's older, less western and cinematic in style.

One thing about Anime was that recent "flicker" incident where a few feet
of video on a specific show flickered in such a way (I seem to recall they
were "fairy sparkles" or something similar) as to induce petit-mal
seizures in a few kids watching tv in japan. As a result some rental
stores around here pulled ALL their anime titles. A real shame.

Sorry if I came across as critical of your post.