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Re: Child development and art

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nop62861 (teresatorreseca)
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 00:24:31 +0200

Maggie White wrote:
> neal rosenblum wrote:
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> >
> > I am in the process of researching and writing a paper for the parents
> > based on the theory that if a child is exposed to the naked body in a
> > healthy way, using art as an example, they will develop a healthy
> > perspective towards the body in general and theirs as well. <snip>
> >
> > During my research I ran across a warning against exposing children to
> > nudity by Benjamin Spock and Dr. Joyce Brothers. Sorry to say but after
> > studying the developmental stages of Piaget (and how egocentric children
> > are at this age) their warning made sense. They mentioned that if
> > children are exposed to adult/parent nudity they will develop childhood
> > traumas because their body does not compare to what they see and it will
> > be a blow to their self concept.
> Neal,
> I hesitate to mention Margaret Mead's research, as some of her work has
> been dismissed as fabricated or "enhanced" by her personal views, but
> wonder if her writings indicate how native children accept their parents'
> nudity. Many tribes, until the missionaries covered them up, were mostly
> naked. Remember all those National Geographic articles we carefully
> studied as kids? I think most of us turned out okay.
> The U.S. has such weird views on nudity, and the human body in general.
> In Europe children are regularly exposed to nudity in art, advertising,
> and at the beach. It's just a fact of life. Perhaps you can connect
> with someone there via the Web to see how they handle it.
> This sounds like interesting research. Will you be pubishing it?
> Maggie

I think the real traumas appeared if children are not used to live with
nudity. Here in Portugal, as in the great part of catholic europeen
countrys nudity is a symbol of a lost paradise, As the Bible tell us,
but our greco-latin culture makes the nude as a form of art. Children
are usually nude at the beach because children are innocent. In our
century, after Freud, Jung, Piaget and others we think the children must
accept their and the others bodys ,it is important to develop
self-confidence about their one image, and understand that there are a
lot of different concepts of beauty related with the human body.
History of art is a good issue to see how human beauty is different
since the paleolitic until today , my students like to compare the Venus
of Rubens and the modern top models , although we can do all the
history of art talking about nudity and concepts of beautiful body.