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Re: Child development and art

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 10:23:39 -0400

Oh I agree. It amazes me what parents let their kids see. It can
also be difficult to know what to censure at school. The other thing
is I know I am very controlling in what I let my kids see. About the
harshest they see are Japanese Animation which can be violent so we
preview before hand. I know I'm over protective but when they are
still so young I feel I have to be. It doesn't help to have every
adult clerk ask my 7 year old if he's seen: Die hard 3 or the
Terminator,Jurrasic park II and now Godzilla(well godzilla was not
made properly or he might have). If they want their adolescent boys
to see action,sexually explicit,movies fine but don't encourage mine
to see it. Sorry they are banned to Nickelodeon and PBS although the
older one is not happy he'll appreciate it in being a healthier
adult later.
On Nudity,I don't have a problem with it,I also don't prance around
naked though. My son's have always been exposed to art so they
don't realize there is a problem. However in school I have
Gauguin,because it was a christian school and they were elementary
kids. Girls seem to be more prepared in general. It always seems to
be such a battle and I encourage the paper. It's fine to vote but I
think if I had
older kids I would talk to the parents about encouraging someone's
of sight and drawing to incorporate figure drawing outside of
I went to the Art Students League when I was 14 and started with
Nude Figure drawing & Painting. We had kids and adults together
maybe a local art college etc. has classes for high schoolers. My
old College
KCAI had Saturday classes for High school age kids.
MarshArt wrote:
> Ironically, the same parents who complain about their kids being exposed to
> nudity in Art can take their kids to movies that have sexual nudity on the
> Big Screen without a qualm. This doesn't make sense to me!
> MarshArt

john barrick
Sandra Barrick