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Lesson Plans

Just ONE more time 'round and then I quit!

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Bunki Kramer (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 20:11:49 -0700

Hi wrote.....
Learning is not so much
>"collecting" as it is "connecting", perceiving relationships.

Exactly my point. We're using two different words with
"connecting" and I with "experience"...and we're heading in the same
direction. Experience GIVES you the connection. Relying solely on the
textbook knowledge is not going to get you there by itself.

There are many supurb arguments for
>learning to draw. Still, despite its significance and value, I'm not ready
>to mandate it for one and all. Maybe, given optimum circumstances and
>ideal instructors, but not in the real world where altogether too many
>things are done solely because they were supposed to be done and without
>much real care or respect. could be saying that about "algebra" or "history"! "Don't teach
about man's earliest civilization in history because it's suppose to be
done that way and because the teacher doesn't care or respect it's
signicance?" Where's the logic in that?

.....Where learning to draw becomes a chore worthy of avoidance something
in the mix is "wrong" and there is as much to be lost in proceeding as
there is to
>gain. Better to dispense with it in that case. Don't lose the passion.

You know...probably 5-6 yrs. ago I would have agreed with you. Why have tea
with a bucking bronco?...or some other silly notion. It's far nicer to let
it slide on by and do something easier. That's why I started seriously
thinking about dropping my drawing unit. AND....THAT'S why I now "dump" all
the pitfalls and frustrations and fears right into their laps for
examination before we begin. I let THEM make the choice for me. So far I've
been lucky and they've chosen it everytime. (Someday I really MUST plan for
a "no" vote). Hee, hee! Real learning involves ALL of these things.

It's really a shame you had such a bad experience with your drawing teachers
but that should give you the impudence to become a better teacher who CAN
teach kids to draw! Think of what you missed...think of what your "kids"
would be missing if you shied away from drawing skills.

>The trouble is that we continue to teach "classes" more than we teach
>individual students.....

Ahhhh, alas! We do "do" that but what little choice do we have? When you're
given 35 students for 45 min., HOW can you teach an individual? I haven't a

Incompetence of some teachers will always be with us, unfortunately.
Reminds me of a story. When I was a senior in college, I was in my last
drawing class of my college career with Prof. S. We had been through
endless nude model drawing sessions and I felt I was not doing much better
that I had when I started the class. Finally, my professor strolled by and
I grabbed him out of frustration and dragged him to my easel. I begged him
to tell me what I was missing and he couldn't answer me. Finally I asked
him to SHOW me and as soon as he put pencil to paper, I KNEW what he wanted
to see and what I had missed. Now...why didn't he do that the very FIRST
day of class? Why did I have to go all though that by myself without help
for a long period of time? Why can't teachers "teach"? Why can't they tell
you everything they know? A teacher who tells EVERYTHING. THAT'S the kind
of teacher I wanna be someday!!!

Have a good weekend...Cya..............

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
Danville, California 94526