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Re: New Thread/New Form

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 10:27:48 GMT

Henry, you wrote: <As art educators, we're still stuck with the question of
how to face the new technology of computers in art. There are, perhaps,
good reasons to
embrace them and, apparently, valid reasons not to join the rush.>
<Anyone up to proposing a list of pluses and minuses?>
I donīt think I can make a list of pluses and minuses for using computers
in our teaching of art(good idea though), but I think we must embrace them
as long as we leave room for other tools or media in our arms. I am these
days getting involved in a new scandinavian- european cooperative project
for children in art or youth in art. It will be called YEAN(Young
Europeanīs art network). The goal of this project is to create an
environment where young people, artists and art teachers work together at
creating art both in a traditional way and electronically. It is to become
an institution in the field of visual art and computer comunication where
computers will be used both to create art and to comunicate through the
Internet. I think it is going to be very exciting and I am very happy that
my school is going to be a part of this and I look very forward to begin. I
am not afraid of computers and donīt worrie about them taking over
traditional artproduction but they are a new tool and new medium for
creation and I think as art teachers we should make it a part of our
teaching. Yet I will say that neither computer or any other tool will make
our teaching what it has to be by itself. For that we need the right blend
of good curriculum, well educated art teachers who are going to give the
students opportunities to create with the tools best suited for each
individual and to get to know that each student must become familiar with
or rather learn to use all the traditional media as well as the new

I had not finished this post when the posts from Craig ;Tue, 15 Jul 1997
21:16:54 -0500 and Bob; Tue, 15 Jul 1997 18:31:30 -0500, came and both say
so well many of the things I would like to say, so does Henry; Tue, 15 Jul
1997 23:16:56 -0700 (MST) and therefor I just want to say before I post
this: How I love these discussions and sure am glad to have the new
technology that allows us to have them wheather we live in Iceland, Texas
or Florida.
Best regards from the far north, Rosa