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Stenger - Judith DiSalvo (jstenger)
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 20:08:26 -0400 (EDT)

Dear San D,
yes, yes, YESSS!

On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, kprs wrote:

> Dear Everyone:
> As per Diane's request, I am posting my reply to her "new threads"
> initiative:
> Dear San D:
> Very interesting answer. I wish you would post it to the whole group so
> people can respond.
> Diane
> >This is a personal reply because this truly is a personal opinion on
> >this subject, albeit a reply that does affect my students directly.
> >
> >First let us establish that I am not afraid of computers, and use them
> >quite extensively from daily emails, to being yearbook adviser with a
> >staff of 50 kids doing the yearbook exclusively from layout and design
> >to articles using Aldus/pagemaker. (Producing awardwinning yearbooks--of
> >around 350-400 pages)
> >
> >However----in my opinion NOTHING will ever replace the feeling an artist
> >gets while painting, that sensual feeling of the paint as you push it
> >around on the canvas, the smell, texture, color, sounds of the brush,
> >scrunching, quick stroking, about the clay around your hands
> >while working in ceramics or the power of the pencil as you make lead
> >droppings appear into a 3 D perspective on the flat sheet of paper?
> >
> >Computers, to me, while a valuable tool, are just that, another tool.
> >But will never replace the sensual magic that working with materials has
> >to a human being.
> >
> >We are essentially married to the medium we choose as artists, and yes,
> >there will be artists who feel connected to their computers, no doubt.
> >But I think trying to justify our existance based on our ability to
> >incorporate computers is desperate.
> >
> >I have said this for years, and will say it again. "We" are not "them".
> >The "academics" have tried to define us, and then we have said, OK, we
> >will be like you. Look we give tests, we give termpapers. Now the
> >"computer departments" are trying to define us, and we say look "we use
> >computers,see what we can do"....Sorry...just like "women" are not
> >"men", we are not like them....we live parallel lives, perhaps even
> >better inventive, creative, and exploratory lives, but not identical
> >lives.
> >
> >Yes, we use computers, but our existance does not depend on computers.
> >If all electricity were wiped out, we could start a fire, pick up the
> >charred wood, and start drawing....
> >
> >San D