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Re: Need Your Suggestions!

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Diane C. Gregory, Ph.D. (dg09)
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 14:52:53 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Chris:

In response to what can you do to become a computer graphics art teacher at
the high school level, I offer the following observations:

All you need in Texas is Art Certification to teach computer graphics. In
some cases, all you need is an Art degree or any degree to get emergency
certification to teach art. Consult your state certification office for
information on any possible certification requirements for teaching
computer graphics. Be aware that some states differentiate between
technology computer graphics and art computer graphics. Usually if you are
certified in art that would be sufficient to teach art computer graphics,
that is, if you felt comfortable with the hardware and software.

Also, teaching people with computers is a lot different than teaching art
in the traditional way. If you have not already done so, I would get some
experience teaching others by offering hands-on-art workshops at state art
ed conferences, etc. I have found the transition from teaching regular art
education to integrating technology into the art education program a major
change for me. It is requiring a whole new way of working with students
and a whole new way of teaching. It has been stressful to say the least.
I would also suggest that you contact anyone in your area who is doing what
you would like to do (teach computer graphics at the high school) and get
to know them; ask them lots of questions about how they got where they are.

The new Texas Art Curriculum is providing course descriptions (really
detailed syllabi) for teaching computer graphics (they call it "electronic
media" in Texas); however there are some new course descriptions for the
technology curriculum which may interest you as well. They are called, I
believe something like: desktop publishing, computer animation, multimedia
and something else I can't remember. Anyway, you could go to the web and
do a search for the Texas Education Agency and go look at the new art
curriculum. I am not sure the final one is up yet, but it will be within a
month or two. After you check this out, you could see if you felt like you
had the skills necessary to teach them and then develop some sample
lessons. Your state might also have a comparable curriculum for computer
graphics and I am sure your state education department has a web site.
Check it out. If you need to brush up on your skills or add new ones, I
would recommend contacting your local community college. Austin Community
College offers some excellent courses (inexpensive) on computer graphics
that would be ideal for your situation. They are offered at night too, so
you could take the courses needed after teaching. After you have required
any necessary skills you thought you needed I would start applying for jobs
in schools where you want to teach. If you can relocate, you might try
using the internet to conduct your job search.

Hope this helps. I am posting to the entire list, because others may have
similar questions and experience.


> In a few weeks I will be attending a school to work conference in Phoenix and
>Tucson, then going on to the Siggraph Conference in L.A. (graphic artists
>conference). I recieved a scholarship from the Siggraph Education committee.
> I am attending these because I see a potential for improving the employment
>of the abundance of artistic people in my area. I teach grades 3-5. When I
>asked my principal for support to go to the Siggraph Conference, she seemed to
>think there was no way I would integrate the information into my classes....
>How can I re-educate her? I have tried pointing out that I am the only art
>teacher in our district who sees all the students in the school. Part of my
>job is career awareness, that I know, any other suggestions? My building has
>an LCIII computer in every classroom....which is on a district wide intranet
>and we also have access to the internet, (only 5 of 20 classroom teachers
>utilize that). I have access to a power mac also, but have to borrow it to
>use it.
> Another question.... what do I need to do to become a computer graphics art
>teacher at the HS level? Perhaps I would be more effective in that area.
>Thanks in advance for your ideas!
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