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Re: Hummmmm...let's talk!

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Sun, 13 Jul 1997 12:13:54 -0400 (EDT)

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(Bunki Kramer) writes:

<< Are drawing skills that important? You betcha!! An absolute necessity in
the field of art production and observation! Cya...................
I do agree that drawing skills are important, as I think I said before, but I
think the importance goes beyond art production -- I think that the process
of learning to draw is actually a process of learning to see relationships,
which involves the brain in a very important activity which is rarely taught
in school, but frequently tested (those visual-spatial items in standardized
tests). It also helps us slow down and really focuon something for an
extended period of time. Our schedules are so fragmented and the pressure to
get things in in ouir schools is so great, that I really treasure the 42 min.
class periods devoted to silent observational drawing. Most of my students
really like this time too. Even many of the kids who have ADD or ADHD are
able to expand their ability to concentrate. I often wonder if it wouldn't
really be an aid to those kids to begin the day every day with a half hour of
movement and a half hour of drawing.
I was very intrigued with Diane Gregory's post -- one of the longer ones
which I no longer have handy. I have been thinking alot about her comments
about representational drawing being only one part of art and not the whole
thing. How can I include the skill training we are talking about, yet also
make sure the students see the bigger picture? Diane -- maybe you can help
here. Thanks.