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Re: drawing realistically

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Robert Beeching (robprod)
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 23:52:57 -0700

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>From: dg09 (Diane C. Gregory, Ph.D.)
>Subject: Re: drawing realistically
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>Dear All:
>For purposes of discussion regarding the importance of including realistic
>drawing opportunities in the art curriculum, I would like to pose some
>Developmentally, I find that adolescents find comfort and assurance in
>being able to draw realistically, perhaps too much comfort. If we satisfy
>this need, how can we simultaneously encourage them to be inventive,
>expressive and open to the possibility that there may be equally valid ways
>to perceive the world and to make art? Or, is it developmentally
>impossible to help students see and understand the abstract expressionist
>view or post-modern view, given their predisposition to realism that seems
>to be inate? I am reminded that Piaget himself believed that some
>individuals never arrive to the stage of formal operations and therefore
>may be unable to understand or appreciate a more conceptual view of art.
>Or, can experience with looking at abstract and expressive forms of art and
>art making help them to begin to understand this perspective and to perhaps
>experiment leaving realism behind as a need of adolescence? These are
>questions I have had for a long time and I am hoping some of you may have
>some thoughts in regards to them.
>Thanks a bunch.
>>I'm going to have to agree with Bunki, I am also a middle school art
>>teacher. Teaching students to observe and render realistically gives them
>>a sense of pride and most of them state that is the reason they take art.
>>Best-Maugard states that you can draw from nature (realistically), but
>>creativity occurs when you add your own sense and design. Just read that,
>>thought it was interesting and pertinent.
>>S. H. Evans
>>Southeast Middle School
>>Baton Rouge, LA 70815
>Diane C. Gregory, Ph.D.
>Associate Professor of Art Education
>Department of Art and Design
>Southwest Texas State University
>San Marcos, Texas 78666
>dg09 (university e-mail in San Marcos)
>dianegregory (home e-mail in Austin)

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