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Re: drawing realistically

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 22:42:35 GMT

Yes, Leonardo would certainly have been classified as gifted and talented
in the USA
today and in Texas maybe not have had any art after 6th grade, therefor
becoming a scientist. <Had he been educated in our contemporaryeducational
system, he would have been identified as "gifted and talented"and
encouraged to load up on science and math courses at the expense of his
electives.>Robert Fromme 09 Jul
In Iceland he might have been able to develop his art and become an
artist, maybe famous maybe not, but very likely good for he would have had
plenty of realistic drawing exercises but also other creative exercises
that make students analize subjects critically because of course drawing is
not the only exercise that makes you analyze a subject visually and render
it critically.
>>Drawing is the only exercise which requires
>>a student to analyze a subject visually, and
>>to render it critically. Robert Beeching 7/8/97

I do think that learning how to draw realistically is a necessary basic
skill one should learn when studying art. That does not mean everyone
draws the same thing in the same way, we see things differently and every
art teacher(like other teachers) should meet every student on her or his
level. Model drawing is one of the best drawing exercises we can get and I
actually feel that like the musicians have to practise scales and exercises
every day to warm up, so is it necessary for artists(visual) to draw a life
model preferably every day.

And finally I do not understand this comment. And I certainly donīt know
what has been taught in american schools for the past 40 yrs. So could
someone explain, please.

>>No wonder, "critical" drawing has not been taught in public
>>schools for past 40 yrs. If your students like "Bevis
>>and Butthead", don't teach them to
>>draw effectively - it will spoil them for more of
>>the same.

Regards from the far north, Rosa