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Re: Art on a Cart Suggestions

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Thu, 10 Jul 1997 11:53:23 -0500

For Years teaching elem. art I used THE CART also. Reading your post
reminded me of a practicaly spill-proof water container for students to use
at their desks. I hope several of you find this idea helpful. I know it
saved me 100's of messes over the years. I used the butter tubs with the
snap on lids. I would cut a hole in the lid about the size of a quarter.
When the tub was HALF FULL of water and was tipped over very little if any
spills out. I would cut the holes with a spade type wood bit in my electric
drill. John Bundy

> From: Kenneth L. Poos <klpoos>
> To: artsednet
> Subject: Art on a Cart Suggestions
> Date: Wednesday, July 09, 1997 8:59 PM
> Mary Jane,
> Its too bad about your art room. I teach 1st-6th grade on a cart,
> sometimes two carts(depends on the project). I teach at desks with no
> sinks and have for about 27 years, as there is no art room.
> Get to school early and get organized. Know what you will be teaching
> and get ALL supplies on the cart, cut paper, etc. ahead of time because
> its hard to cart around a paper cutter, it helps if each room has a
> paper cutter.
> If you are painting, get another cart(paint cart), load it with your
> brushes, paper towels, 2 buckets(one empty for dirty water and one
> filled with clean water. An empty coffee can with water and liquid soap
> to clean out brushes until you can clean them up during lunch. Empty
> butter tubs for water, to paint with.
> When I come into class, we put desks together to share paint and water
> and cover desks with newspspers. I assign some students to pass out
> paper, brushes, water containers, and some one to pass out water for
> containers which I have large vinegar containers for, that I got from
> the cafteria. Its easier to pour water from these containers and not so
> messy. If we use tempera paints, we pass out paper plates (for a
> pallete)to put paint on and clean up is fast and easy. Have those who
> passed put materials, also collect them.
> At clean up time, I put liquid soap in the clean water, dunk a paper
> towel in it and hand one to each student AT THEIR DESK,(saves alot of
> nerves) since everyone wants to come up and wash their hands. I assign
> one student to take the trash can around to collect the dirty towels,
> and dirty newspapers with the paper plates wrapped inside.
> I usually go around to the students and pour out the paint from the
> pints with flip up lids but older students in H.S. could do that
> themselves. With H.S. students you probably would show them how to clean
> up, where everything goes on the cart, and save yourself alot of work.
> But with elementary students its alot different.
> It takes ALOT more organization on YOUR part for things to run smoothly
> on a cart, so get there early and get everything you will need. You
> can't go back and get something your forgot and leave your class
> unattended.
> Sandy Poos
> Cahokia Dist. #187
> Cahokia, Ill.