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Re: Chicken Soup for the Soul of the Art Educator

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Stenger - Judith DiSalvo (jstenger)
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 11:05:50 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Diane,
What a lovely, wonderful idea. Thank you for being such a positive

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Diane C. Gregory, Ph.D. wrote:

> Dear Wonderful Fantastic Art Teachers:
> The post below that is copied is wonderful. How very wonderful it is to
> see someone apologize on this list. We have so much to be thankful for.
> Also, I was so impressed by Judith's post. She said, "I am in awe of what
> most of my peers manage to do with few resources and little support. " I
> agree wholeheartedly. Therefore, because of her post, I thought it would
> be grand if we spent some time honoring one another on this list or
> celebrate exciting things that have happened as a result of art education,
> or sort of Chicken Soup for the Soul of the Art Educator.
> I would like to begin.
> There are some people in my professional life who I respect greatly and
> really appreciate. I am truly honored to be their friend and to have them
> in my life. I know they are subscribers to this list and I am taking this
> time and this way to publicly honor and praise them.
> Bettie Lake who is a fabulous art teacher in Phoenix who coaxed and cajoled
> (sp?) me into using computers when we lived close to each other in Iowa.
> She made me see the possibilities. Thanks Bettie.
> Donna Pauler an art educator and computer expert who is so patient and kind
> to others she teaches and consults with that she puts me to shame.
> Linda Kelsey-Jones, my student, artist and otherwise great person, who is a
> very wise and sensitive and caring individual. She brings stabilitiy to my
> life and helps me put things in perspective. I applaud the countless hours
> she spends volunteering in San Marcos for Arts Education.
> Nancy Walkup who is a tireless advocate for multi-culturalism and someone
> that people can count on to do the work.
> Bill McCarter who is a gracious and sensitive individual who seeks to bring
> out the best in everyone.
> We have much to be thankful for in our profession. These individuals above
> do honor our profession. I hope I can live up to their examples.
> I would like to hear from others. What other ways can we celebrate art
> education on this list? I invite all to the celebration! Also, I would
> like to hear some good stories about how art teachers have made a
> difference in the lives of students and also in your lives.
> Thank you all!
> Diane
> >First of all I want to say I am sorry for the angry post, it only made
> >things more complicated, and to those of you where my anger was
> >directed. It seemed so one sided, these attacks on Robert Beeching, for
> >just stating his opinion. S0.. there should be some apologies to Robert
> >Beeching for your attacks!
> > Diane Gregory asked about ideas about this list.
> > What I like: The SHARING of ideas, things I can use in my own
> >classroom, and books that may be helpful. PROBLEM SOLVING- helping each
> >other find solutions to things. EXCHANGING INFORMATION- about seminars,
> >conferences, etc.
> > What I would like to change or improve: I would like to have those that
> >want to disagree on a subject to go off list for a discussion.
> > Those that like to use philosophy in their post to make it short and to
> >the point.
> > Post art recipes that we can us in our job( papier mache, clay,etc.)
> > Stop making little pictures on the list serv, which can not help me.
> > I sent a few posts on here before and got some great feed-back. But
> >one I sent, trying to be helpful- and someone came on the list with very
> >harsh words, which made me so angry for just stating my opinion, that I
> >just deleated artsednet without reading it for a couple of months and
> >have not voiced my opinion or have tried to help anyone for a long time.
> > Again, I am sorry for my pervious angry post, I forgot how it feels to
> >get an angry attack from someone on the post.
> > We SHOULD avoid PERSONAL attacks, as they do sting and deflate our ego.
> > Sandra Poos
> > Cahokia Dist.#187
> > Cahokia, Ill.
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