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Re: California Interns-an explanation

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 23:27:33 -0600

Patricia said.......

>can hire a total novice and turn away an experienced teacher in the same
>area. It will save money and MONEY is what it is all about. Will it bring
>up class scores? The lottery is a better deal then this gamble.

This is rediculous! California doesn't have elementary art teachers and now
this. Its a wonder your students accomplish anything in California.


>Also when the run on teachers is over, I can see the future. Districts
>using interns as much as possible to limit permanent employees. Remember
>they can be fired at will. In a few years we could have interns coming out
>into the classroom who do not care to teach, but it will be a way to earn
>some money until they can find a better job in their field. They know they
>will be let go anyway. Granted this may be down the road a bit.

I believe you've read the writing on the wall. One can only hope that when
students grades and test scores begin plummeting, that someone will do
something about this rediculous law.

>Please comment. How does your district plan to use these two new laws.


My sympathies go out to all of you in California. I'm certainly glad that
my own state has yet to institute such an "upstanding" law.

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