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Re: art and better grade scores

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Jerry Deasy (jdeasy)
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 08:39:02 -0700

The older I get I just marvel at the capacity of the human brain. There
is a way of looking at the world which you might call "artistic
investigation" which is not taught in any other part of the school
curriculum and so this capacity of the brain remains dormant. How many
times have we as art teachers said something to a student and changed
their lives forever? Some times students tell you or write you a letter
but more often than not you just never know.
I remember how frustrated I was way back in college when an art professor
made an observation or a comment about art and at that time I thought
"Where is that guy coming from?" I have had students do the same with me
over the years and without feeling offended by the comnment tried to
share my way of looking at the world with that student The raw materials
for art have their own "voices" they are not just the color red or a
piece of wood or a lump of clay. It took me years to realize that and I
am not bragging about it because it is a very humbling experience when it
As far as better grades go, give me a student who has a passon for life
over a passon for grades any day'
I once had a student I will never forget. She was a senior and deserved
to fail my class because she did not even do the minimum. She came to me
the last day of school and begged me to change the grade. She would not
graduate high school, could not go to college, all the usual excuses.
I agreed to give her a grade of "D" just so that she could graduate.
She thanked me and then in one parting comment said "Would you mind
giving me a "C" so it will look better on my transcript?
Well, she did not get a "C" and I often wonder what happened to her. She
was from a very wealthy family and her brother was killed in a car
accident two years later. The fancy sports car was his graduation
present from college.