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RE: Howard Hodkin's art

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Vance McSwain (vmcswain)
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 22:13:02 -0500

Suzanne Harp wrote,
I like hodkins work because I'm personally in love with color, and he =
does color
in a way that moves me. (-:

I have enjoyed reading the responses to my post about Howard Hodkin's =
work. The responses have been eloquent and well written. (By the way, =
the AP institute is the largest in the US and was held at Texas =
Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. Excellent program!)

In some ways I suppose I was playing the Devil's Advocate. I do think =
it is healthy to have discussions on what art is and what constitutes a =
quality work of art. I know this question will never be resolved and =
that is what makes art so unique. Robert Wraight, in his book , The Art =
Game, writes,"most art critics today seem to be writing exclusively for =
other inmates of their own precious little asylum". I think the =
overwhelming majority of people I speak with agree with Wraight.

At any rate, as an art educator at the high school level, I feel an =
obligation to try and understand the art market and how it works. I am =
enjoying reading about it and talking to people about it.

Just don't try and convince someone that a painting by Howard Hodgkin, =
Mary Corse, or Richard Diebenkorn, for instance. is any more important =
or valid than some little old lady's painting of bluebonnets. The moment =
you try and present an argument you open yourself up for contridictions =
by trying to define something that defys definition and by trying to set =
standards for something that has no standards.

Andy Warhol once reflected in an interview, and answered the question =
"Why is The Chelsea Girls art?", by saying "Well, first of all, it was =
made by an artist, and, second, that would come out as art." You have =
the choice of answering, Amen! - or Oh, yeah?

Vance McSwain