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Mon, 22 Jul 1996 13:50:45 +0800 (HKT)

Earlier I corresponded with some of you concerning questions that came to mind
that might need to be addressed when aproaching a work of art, many of you
titled these artists block and gave great answers. I opened my mind and
continued my work combining the hand drawn/painted image with the computer image
I am not sure that I made great images but I did learn more about computer art
and teaching computer art:
* the art making and learning the technical side of a program must progress
together each giving qualities ( a push ) to the other. One cannot be learnt
without the other but how dull to learn only one in isolation.
* complext - art element like - problems can be addressed, problems that we have
been told are diffficult to answer or arrangements we have been told do not work
but we have never taken time out to investigate these for ourselves, such as
have the focal point/ the point of action in the center of the page/center
* a print out from a drawing allows the drawing to be put aside and with many
print outs total freedom to experiement and experiement and experiment without
the fear of destroying the original drawing or failure.
* it is possible to keep a record of the metamorphosis of a work ( print out
stage by stage ) thus there is opportunity to return to an image or to review an
earlier image or to look back and answer the question why did I do that what was
that driving force that caused me to make a mark this way or that.
* to approach the issue of diptics or triptics or the developemnt of a series
and if this is approach the number of additional issues that must be considered
and how many more images that might be generated.
* other thoughts such as selection from an image - is it acceptable to crop to
alter the original composition of the image. To make an image that was once
square horizontal or vertical.
Well I hope this adds to some of your ideas and thoughts for it is from our own
experiences as artists we can add wonders to our lesson plans. And it is from
the problems we face in our own work we can appreciate those problems within our
students, and by answersing those problems for ourselves have comprehensive
answers for our students.
Thank you