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Weaving, again..questions answered

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Bunki Kramer (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 20:07:07 -0700

Carolyn, "there is no such thing as a dumb question, right?" First of all,
I mispelled "dryer". It's regular lint from the washer-dryer. I save all
my strong colored lint when I do new towels, etc. for 6th grade weaving.
How do you weave lint? V-e-r-y carefully! We weave it three-four warp
strings at a time, just enough to hold it before weaving the next row of
yarn. It really looks beautiful when finished and I occasionally get a "do
I hafta" before the kids finally agree with me. I cannot believe how much
lint I get from the kids...I guess because it's such an unusual request and
a cheap one and the kids and parents don't mind a bit. (BTW,(by the way) I
don't tell them what its going to be for....adds mystery.) We put it in one
big box and everyone can get the colors they want. Gray lint goes with
everything so it works well since you will get alot of that.
Hummm! What do I mean by weaving one or two strips? I mean "down". Most
people weave one weaving. The students are allowed to weave two weavings
on one board...side by side but in the same color schemes. Okay?
One of my students taught me some of the internet "talk" like...

Turn the signs sideways if you do not see them at first:
:->.....happy face
AKF.....away from keyboard right back
LOL.....laugh out loud
ROFL....rolling on floor laughing

By "loops" I mean whenever you weave a row, each time you weave over a
thread, pull it down a 1/2" or so and make a loop so you wind up with a row
of loops. The next row weave regular to secure the last woven row of
loops. Makes nice texture. Tiny, tiny tree limbs from a bush or tree woven
in adds variety, yes.

Thanks for the new site listing. I'll check it out!! Can't wait for your
symmetry lesson. Wonder if it's like one of mine! Cya...Bunki

Bunki Kramer
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