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Re: Weaving Project

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Carolyn Roberts (b2w6w4kn)
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 20:59:18 -0400

Bunki, thanks for taking the time to write out instructions for the
weaving project. This is really fun, sharing actual lesson projects,
because each of us approach a basic lesson in our own unique way and
over time, we add the extras that keep the same basic lessons from
becoming "boring" (is art ever boring??).

A couple of questions...(I always hate to ask questions, because I feel
like I'm the only one who misses something sometimes and wonder if the
questions are "dumb", but here goes...)
> Before we begin the weaving, I have each student bring in lint from their
> drier at home. Great weaving resource!!! They can trade colors with each
> other later.Tell me how you weave drier lint. I can't believe I have been throwing
away something that I could be recycling in my art room. Everybody is
always bringing me all odd leftovers, in hopes that I can do something
with them, and I usually can, but I've never used drier lint.

> They an make two strips of weaving or one. I'm not sure what you're talking about here, two strips of weaving or

>Each student MUST make "loops" in their weaving plus use a stick
> from outside plus drier machine lint. Students also must leave
> some open space not woven. Anything else is up to them. I have straw and beads handy.
I assume the loops are on each side, and the stick...just for variety,

This is a great way to change the weaving. My students love to weave,
but I hate for them to do the same thing the next year and so I'm always
trying to do each project a little differently. This will be great for
this coming year as I do have quite a supply of colored board and I can
probably get more from one of our local framers.

I have to keep stopping my typing to go listen to the updates on
"Bertha". My Mom and my son live in Wilmington (right where she's
headed) and my husband works on the coast during the summer months. He
will be headed back to Kinston (about a two hour drive from the coast)
tomorrow morning. The weather has been very pleasant here in Kinston
today...woke up to 66 degree weather and breezy...felt great, after all
the heat we've had lately. By the way, what is ROFL? (another dumb
question, I'm sure)

By the way, I am going to have to integrate computers and art next year.
Some have already shared some good ideas, but if any come to you that
are not cc'd to the whole group, please share them with me, if you don't
mind. Our computers are all IBM's. I plan to get Deborah Greh's book,
as soon I can find it. Will probably have to order it, had a chance to
get it at our state conference this year and didn't do it.

How about some more good ideas! As soon as I can get a chance to write
it out, I will send a real "neat" lesson on symmetry that I do with my
7th graders (8th graders always want to do it again). My sister uses it
with her 6th graders. I use it to get the new semester started and to
get them really excited.

Also, have you checked out this site?

Carolyn Roberts
E. B. Frink Middle School
10 Springwood Lane
Kinston NC 28504