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Bunki Kramer (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 14:08:58 -0700


matboards 6" needles feathers decorator foil
crochet string scissors drier lint newsprint
yarn glue gun compasses pencils, rulers

I start project with compass constructing on newprint. For two days we do
teacher-directed drawing on overhead. Third day they make their own design
with radius of 2" on newsprint. I collect all, put into envelope and save
for later.

Before we begin the weaving, I have each student bring in lint from their
drier at home. Great weaving resource!!! They can trade colors with each
other later.
I save in a box in the classroom.

Students pick a board and on the back draw a one-inch border on all four edges.
Across top and bottom mark in 1/4 inches. They an make two strips of
weaving or one. Cut down to the 1-in. mark (kinda like fringe). I use
crochet sting for the warp as it's strong and thin. Make a knot in string
about 6" long and then thread string through fringe but only on the colored
side of board...nothing goes on the back. Continue until at end of cut
fringe and finish by tying off with the beginning of the string on the
back. Each student MUST make "loops" in their weaving plus use a stick
from outside plus drier machine lint. I also have batting from a material
store pre-cut in strips for weaving as an option. Students also must leave
some open space not woven. Anything else is up to them. I have straw and
beads handy.

As soon as they finish weaving, they select the 4x4" pre-cut square of
metal of their color choice (to match weaving) and find in my envelope
their newprint design. Taping onto the metal, with a sharp pencil they
transfer their design by pressure, remove newsprint design, re-trace metal,
add texture, cut out, and then pick feathers to match weaving. Once they
have arranged metal and feathers in pleasing way, I glue-gun in place. All
this take about two-two and a half 55 min. class a day.

I buy yarn and crochet string whenever it's on sale...yarn I get around
$.88 a skein and crochet string runs around $1.23 not on sale and it lasts
a long time.
I can get alot of mileage out of the yarn too when I have them use only one
side of the board.

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, California 94526