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Weaving and monsters

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Bunki Kramer (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 13:29:25 -0700

Cheryl...Thanks for all the resources you sent to me on conputer art
schools. If you know any out my way---Danville, Walnut Creek area---that
would be super. SF is a little too far for me to travel for school
classes. But thanks all the same! Yes, I've visited Yerba Buena Gardens
quite often and been excited and deeply touched by the unusal artwork
displayed there. You should tell the talkgroup more about YB and the
artists that show there.

Monica....Got your message!!! Gosh, another beginner like me! Makes me
feel better. Sounds like you read the same book I have...THE SCREAMER.
The first time I tried it with a class, we used the cloth method and the
sinks clogged up with all the material strings. What a mess! I
substituted plaster gauze for the final layer which is easier. I also
discovered that if you can find a source in the hospital ordering
department, you can get boxes of plaster gauze around 12 rolls for $5.48 or
about. I also charge each student a $20 fee that covers all their
materials including spray paint, etc. It takes approx. 1 1/2
boxes each. How in the world do you do all this in 9 weeks? It takes up
at least 16 wks. or more for us to finish. I do stop 3/4 of the way and
show "Jarassic Park". We break down scenes and I explain how they're done
and I also have a video on the making of the movie. I also have a book on
the making of the movie. I have them do all the fingers first as that's
the most boring part and they are so excited to start, even the fingers are
exciting! We spray paint them at the end on big tarps outside and then do
the features and small stuff with regular tempera. They go into a "Zoo" in
the library display area when we finish. The video coming up on Wed. July
17th, 10-11 ET on PBS called THE MAN WHO DREW BUG-EYED MONSTERS sounds like
something I going to tape and maybe show to this class in the fall. Check
your PBS schedule to see when you get it. They have their own web
page.... The Discovery Channel also has a running series
called "Movie Magic" that I show sometimes or it's good for substitute
teacher days.

The source I used for lots of things I order is NASCO ARTS & CRAFTS with
locations in Fort Atkinson, WI and Modesto, CA. If you call their #, they
will send you a catalog.....1-800-558-9595. The compasses I use are the
Circle Master Compasses and they have the lowest price I have seen in any
catalog. In fact, many of their things are cheaper than any other catalog
order place I've seen. Decorator Foil is what I order...the assortment coppertone, redtone, bluetone, greentone, goldtone,
and each color has silver on the back giving you 6 colors to choose from.
The pack had 10' rolls (12" wide) of the 5 colors for $24.70. A little
less than two rolls covered approx. 330 students. Goes a long way for the
weaving project. They have 6" plastic weaving needles for ...$2.00/doz. I
wouldn't do a project without them! Students can weave faster and easier
with long needles.

Geez! I can't ever seem to shut up!

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, California 94526