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Tue, 9 Jul 1996 08:47:46 +0800 (HKT)

Ideas concerning computers in the classroom.
* Do not use the computer generated image as the final work but rather use it as
a jumping off point, a point of departure toward another medium. The computer
generated image might be considered the sketch for another work.
* Work in the reverse. Start a work in another meium, feed into the computer
some of the factors addressed in that work and manipulate these as many
different ways as possible, these new ideas could then be employed in finishing
the original work.
* Mixed media, combine computer images with other media in 2 or 3 D pieces.
* Approach the computer with different ways of working, spontaneouse, gestural
like works contrasting to carefuly, methodicaly controlled works, compare and
* What does the computer allow us to do in art that we cannot do by hand alone?
* Just as one explores the medium of paint or clay explore the medium of the
* If a scanner is available scan in art work already completed (drawings
paintings) and manipulate these in the computer print and manipulate again by
hand. The idea being to work between the pull and push of the hand and the
* The computer means a possibility of multiples - therefore is computer & its
printer a 20thC version of printmaking? or is it a form of painting? or is it an
art medium in its own right?
* What are the limitations of computer art? how does this effect computer art?
* Combine text and image in and out of the computer, using text as part of the
art form not as an addition, or separate form the art form.
Hope this helps & generates thoughts and questions.
For I too am looking into the computer in the art room/studio.