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Bunki Kramer (
Sat, 6 Jul 1996 10:15:48 -0700

Thanks, "guys" for the big welcome! Wow, this is going to be exciting!
Debbie, I went back into teaching too (after raising my three kids) and
into middle school. Things SURE did change from the previous years. Those
sweet little darlings gave me a "trial by fire" the first year or two but I
have it all together now (?) and don't have any problems (well,
some...after all, it is middle school)...I even enjoy it! Did I really say
My ART N' MATH class has really been successful (3 around the
district and surrounding districts. I've done workshops on this class in
other school districts, been asked to do presentations to school boards,
and was asked this year to present for the California Math Council at
ASILIMAR in Monterey, Ca. this fall at their conference! The course
consist of presenting a math problem...such as multipl., factoring,
algebraic equation formation...and using these abstracts to make a concrete
artpiece. Design and patterning plays a large part in the course both with
math and art! Geometry works well also with using angle bisectors,
centroids, etc. and so does origami. The beauty of this course is that I
have both resource kids and middle school geometry kids in the same class
and I sometimes can't tell whose who without checking! The resource kids
can finally "shine" in a math class and it's humbling sometimes to those
smarter kids. And it makes math FUN-N-N-N-N-N!
When I first came back into teaching, I couldn't get a full-time position
so had to teach something else. When my school hired me, they really
needed math teachers and I said I'd teach anything else, please. They said
"nope" and I wound up with two 6th grade math classes and my taking math
classes in the evening to get my math certificate. I had a SUPER math
teacher who, unknowingly, gave me the idea of art and math combination.
Took me two years to convince my principal to try the idea and now he loves

Do you teach a "Screamer" class also in monster making? Do you use a book
to teach art to 7th grade? I'd be interested in knowing how you do both!
Gee, that's eerie how we are so much alike!!! The only big difference is
my school...6,7, large (about 1050 students) and I see ALL the 6th
and 7th graders each year thanks to rotation. My school is about 45
minutes by freeway to San Francisco and we're due east of that.
Running at the mouth again! Cya......d rtiz

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, Ca. 94526