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[teacherartexchange] Creating iMovie / Adobe Photoshop Photomontage Images


From: Judy Decker (judy.decker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jul 22 2007 - 17:06:59 PDT

Dear Art Educators,

Kevan Nitzberg sent me the following.... Thought I would share it with
you the easy way.
Word file will be saved in Art Education and ArtsEducators Yahoo groups Files.
Still images are to come (I do not have the space to share videos).


An Introduction to Creating iMovie / Adobe Photoshop Photomontage Images
by Kevan Nitzberg
Art Dept. Chair, Anoka H.S.
Anoka, MN.

This past summer I had the very exciting experience of putting
together a digital film making class at the College of Visual Art in
St. Paul. The course was available for 2 graduate semester credits
and ran for 4 days in June (6/25 6/28), from 8 to 2:30 each day. We
were able to use a G5 Mac lab at the college.

The course was an outgrowth of a variety of experiences that I have
had utilizing digital media. Several years ago I began taking art
technology classes at the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden
Valley, exploring such things as Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography,
Final Cut Pro and Director 8.0. I had taken these classes as a result
of my teaching the Video Computer Art classes at my school. The more
information that I could amass, the better the classes that I taught
using digital art and media became both in terms of the variety of
learning experiences I could incorporate and the depth of content that
my students could explore.

In addition, I was also taking computer technology classes in my
district that included working with iMovie. As I continued to work in
a variety of digital media, I began to expand my own understanding of
the links between the visual arts and media arts. This understanding
ended up with my exploring the concept of photomontage images.

The second major contribution to my having structured the course in
the manner that I did was my own frustration with students using
digital camcorders in my Video Computer Class to shoot less than
effective footage despite a heavy emphasis placed in class on not only
storyboarding, but an understanding of the elements of both visual and
media arts and the principles of design as well. The idea of using
pre-shot DV film from which to work, employing the various effects and
transitions in iMovie (as well as the importation of sound tracks),
and to further consider what could be done to manipulate still images
in Photoshop, seemed to be a good way to introduce students to the
amazing array of possibility that using these tools could open up for

The course that I had conceived of and taught at CVA was created with
the idea of building an understanding of the natural crossover that
occurs between visual and media art, in addition to providing teachers
with the tools for becoming more familiar with the technology
necessary to create both digital film and still imagery. As iMovie is
a much simpler digital film editing program than Final Cut Pro, and
Adobe Photoshop provides for an amazing range of image creation /
manipulation, both of these programs provided the core software used
for the creation of the photomontage still and moving images. These
devices were supplemented with additional computer tools such as
PowerPoint and online research / learning environments such
ArtsConnectEd, which gave even more scope and depth to the learning
that took place within the class.

Certainly there was no shortage of work to be accomplished during the
relatively short period of time that marked the duration of the
course. The teachers taking the class often arrived an hour earlier
and remained working on their respective assignments until 4 PM each
day. Over the course of the 4 days, the projects being considered

2 PowerPoints
The first PowerPoint examined the elements of art and the principles
of design as they related to different periods / styles of art in
order to better appreciate the significance of those concepts as they
related to the images and films being created in class
The second PowerPoint dealt with taking still frames that were being
created from the digital videos being made in iMovie HD and exploring
variations of images that could in turn be formed from the stills
using the manipulation and filter tools in Adobe PhotoShop
- each still also had documentation included as to what was done to
the image in Adobe Photoshop

Film Log
Each movie being made was to have a record of all of the effects,
transitions, importation of stills / media, etc. that were being
incorporated into the final project.

Film Analysis
Each film was also to be accompanied by a discussion of how each of
the elements of media arts were being attended to in the film
- this process was done as a reflection piece and considered all of
the following concepts as they related to the formation of the film:
o image
o sound
o space
o time
o motion
o sequence

Photomontage Video
The video was the single-most time consuming project that was worked
on in class and combined experimentation with effect changes,
transitions, sound and manipulated stills that were taken from the
film, exported into Adobe Photoshop, and re-imported into the film
where further manipulations could take place
- the films were burnt onto DVDs using Toast software

Art Collections Using ArtsConnectEd
A resource collection was to be created by each class participant
that was to include text, images and hyperlinks to the internet that
further explored digital media and arts as well as additional
information that was pertinent to the course material and their own
areas of teaching
A second collection was created in the form of a lesson plan if the
course was being taken for graduate credit

All of the participants received their own movie burnt onto a DVD, a
CD with all of the files that they were provided with in class, copies
of the manipulated stills, a DVD with the instructor's film exemplar
that was created during the course, and will be receiving copies of
each other's photomontage videos in the fall.

The energy that was created in the class was incredible and I hope to
be able to offer the class again at CVA next summer.

I will also be offering a workshop at the AEM Fall Conference (Nov.
3rd), at the Mpls. College of Art and Design that will feature the
creation of photomontage images using Adobe Photoshop as well as
showing some of the results of the photomontage results in iMovie.

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