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RE:[teacherartexchange] teacherartexchange digest: July 13, 2006


From: Susan Bennett (seasideblueviolet_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2006 - 22:33:19 PDT

You are right Maureen, I can be outdated at times.
Even turning a bit gray from time to time.
You and I have a few differences on philosophy on
course work at the high school level. I do not think
all math classes instruct us to become mathmaticians.
Actually I know very few math teachers who go home and
do math in the evening. I hear of the occasional
teacher of English writing a book or two.I do not look
at the worth of that teacher as being lesser or better
because they write a book. The majority of English
teachers I know go home and grade papers. I think
education should be to educate. Showing a person how
to do a technique on a painting destroys the
possiblity of that piece becoming a candidate for the
students portfolio. I do not know any math teachers
who would do a problem on a test for a student and
let them take credit for it. Seeing it as a learning
process is something else. We could be arguing over
split hairs here. Some art teachers have families or
responsibilities beyond work that prevent them from
being active artists. When my 3 children were home
and I was taking master classes I would have had to
stay up all night to fit in doing my own art work.
There are seasons of life and a person who is working
and raising a family cannot go on a guilt trip for not
doing as much art as they would like. Sometimes it is
too much like work.

I have entered a new stage of life, my children are
grown, I finally finished my masters, and I once again
I have time for my own art. It is great! Do I think I
was a lesser teacher during my child raising stage.
Absolutely NOT. That was the best thing for being any
kind of teacher.
Do you have a website of your art Maureen like Woody
does? I would love to see it. Do you currently teach
as well as coordinate?

Susan in Ohio

--- Maureen <> wrote:

> Susan's sentiment that if artists were that hot,
> they wouldn't teach is
> outdated. It goes back to the statement, "Those you
> can't, teach"
> Ironically, the best artists I know, do teach, and
> it is because they can.
> More and more high school principals in Salt Lake
> are only hiring art
> teachers that maintain their own work out/inside of
> the classroom and that
> exhibit their work. I do agree that teaching itself
> is an art form and,
> believe me, teachers are my heroes because they are
> capable of so much. How
> ever, this notion that artists have huge egos is so
> stereotypical. Art for
> the gallery is highly competitive. How many of you
> out there have purchased
> original artwork from the artists in your
> communities? It is not an easy
> path to walk. I personally chose to take something
> that I was very
> passionate about, study education alongside my
> activities as an artist and
> teach. A fundamental philosophical premise in
> democracy is this idea that
> citizens need to be educated. To do that, teachers
> need to implement
> strategies that preserve access for diverse
> students. I am right there with
> you. Of course, teachers in any subject, including
> art, need to be able to
> create classrooms that work for all if not most of
> the students. As far as
> artist-teachers painting or drawing on student work,
> that is a discourse
> that has gone back many hundred years. It just
> depends on what side of the
> fence you sit on. I had no problem with my art
> teachers demonstrating on my
> work. It was very useful to me because I knew that I
> would produce my own
> work. It is certainly a discussion that can happen
> with the class. Teachers
> do need to respect that some students might be put
> off by it. Many of the
> students at the high school level (art classes) are
> considering art careers
> seriously; they are putting portfolios together for
> scholarships and many of
> the skills learned in art classes will be applied in
> many fields. I
> personally feel, obviously, that teachers of art
> should be doing art
> themselves. Math classes prepare students to become
> engineers, scientists,
> etc. Art classes should be preparing students to
> enter fields that benefit
> from strong art backgrounds, which are innumerable
> by the way.
> Maureen, artist, teacher and Art Ed. Coordinator
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> Hej
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> Greta
> Subject: motivation
> From: Elizabeth Heisey <>
> Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 03:46:30 -0700 (PDT)
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> I teach HS and have always felt that I was as much
> manager as teacheres. I discovered a shelf of
> coaching
> and motivational books at my library around 658.312
> on
> the spine (Dewey Decimal?) Anyway, there is a wealth
> of help, such as "coaching and mentoring for
> dummies",
> which has more background and "100 ways to motivate
> others" (Chandler), which of course has lots of
> examples.
> Some of the concepts are about teaching people how
> to
> teach themselves, perceiving what kind of a leader
> you
> would be, focusing on what results you really want
> rather than just trying, routines.
> It all starts with the fact that we cannot manage
> others, we can only encourage self motivaton.
> Hope this helps someone.
> Beth
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> Subject: Altered books for ceramics?
> From:
> Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 09:35:04 EDT
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> Hey guys,
> I'm starting to think of some projects for this
> upcoming year. I have
> always
> loved looking at the examples of altered books many
> of you have done with
> your students. Do you think that there would be a
> way to include a similar
> project in a ceramics class? I'm trying to think a
> little outside the
> box....for
> once they have the basics of handbuilding, pinch
> pots and coil pots...just
> wondering.
> Thanks,
> Stacie
> Subject: Re: teacherartexchange digest: July 10,
> 2006
> From:
> Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 09:34:56 -0400
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> Hi
> I am glad that Staci is a professional art educator.
> I have taught
> with those who are artists first and find them to
> have difficulties
> with mega egos. To be really honest if they were all
> that hot they
> would not be teaching. It is the same way with math,
> science etc.
> Those who are really gifted often do not have a clue
> as to how to
> teach others for understanding.I taught for a man
> that was a "good
> artist" . When a student did not understand he would
> just paint right
> on their work to "fix it" Those of us who remember
> our struggle in
> learning often end up having the art of teaching.
> Way
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