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[teacherartexchange] the voice of reason?


From: Pam Wellington (loveart_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Jul 01 2006 - 07:10:40 PDT

She did not post the pictures of herself. Her
girlfriend is an artist and she posted the photos.

** she gave her permission for them to be taken, posted and displayed
publicly on the internet.**

There were about 650 photos on this site and only a few of them were of the
teacher nude.

**and How many nude photos does there have to be to make it not ok?**

Her name was not used on the site
**This is not correct. Her name, both her first and last name, is all over
the site and under most of the pictures. It is actually still there, just
the nudes have been removed.**

and she was not advertising her nudity.
**No, she didn't take out an ad in the New York Times, but if it is on the
web anywhere a simple search of her name will bring it up.**

The kids that saw the pictures were not "little children"...they were high
school students...

**This is the most disturbing of all the arguments here. I teach high
school and the last time I looked all students under the age of 18 are
minors. We teachers are held responsible for them. They are other people's
kids. Kids in big bodies. Immature, impressionable, not quite adult

and if you have ever spent 5 minutes listening to a high school conversation
on a Monday
morning you know that they are seeing more nudity, having more sex, doing
more drugs, and drinking more alcohol than everyone on this list combined.

**, since they are already doing it, why not go ahead and provide it
all for them? sex, drugs, alcohol? That's ok? I know that is not what you
mean. You are absolutely right. They are no longer innocent. Probably
from the age of 9 on up they have lost their innocence to pornographers,
drug dealers, sexually promiscuous people, and adults who abuse their trust.
I hear the f bomb dropped in the hallway every day 10 times a day outside of
my classroom. So... that means it is ok for me to use the f word in my
classroom? That makes it ok? I know you do not actually mean what you are
arguing. I am sure as a high school teacher you do not do any of these
things in front of your minor students. So lets not give someone else a
pass when they do.**
I don't mean to be difficult. I write this all in the spirit of feeling the
responsibility of teaching our students to be better people, not just better
artists, and with the motivation to try and make teachers see that what we
do and who we are MATTER. Kids notice, they care, they are watching and our
lifestyles and our attitudes are copied. We are exemplars. Does that hold
us to a higher standard? Probably. Is it fair? No. Did we choose to get
into education of our own free will? Yes. This year a great many, way too
many, teachers have lost their jobs and been arrested in this country for
downloading porn, having sex with 13 year olds, etc. Teachers are not
perfect. We have our bad apples too. At the very least, we should be
extremely sensitive to this issue of sex and kids.

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