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[teacherartexchange] music, discipline & senses


Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 06:16:50 PDT

Okay, now that some of the dust has settled, I just wanted to add a bit to a few of the threads:

music: I have always used Music in my Art room, and almost always it's of the "world" variety - I've
gotten plenty of positive feedback from students and other teachers - many come in to the Art room
during their "breaks" (I prefer that they call them their Planning times, but oh well, another story for
another time) just because my room is a such a pleasant and healing kind of place. I almost always try
to find instrumental works, but have found that some Brazilian and Indian pop is good too - since they
children don't know the language, the sound translates during work as instrumental. I usually play the
same 3/4 cd's all week, so that every class has the same sensory experience. And, I have the music
nearly soundless during instructions, then turn it up to a sort of background level for their work. I've
found some wonderful resources for music on the Putumayo site, as well as this list - I'll share if
anyone's interested insharing theirs?

discipline - I have mnay wayas of getting their attention when it's time for added instructions, but my
favorite is to strike a very dramatic pose - my favorite is the one I call my Scarlett O'Hara - left foot
stretched back, left hand out to the side in a sort of fan, head facing upward to the sky with the back
of my right hand over my forehead,... once the kids notice and giffle and nudge each other to look at
my silliness, I give them their new instructions and get back to work - a funny thing, usually I only have
to use it for time to clean up. I have always appreciated how many different ways there are to handle
the incredible variety of classroom situations - thanks to the list for making them all seem manageable!

five senses: our Kindergarten classes did some work on the five senses at the end of the last school
year and I did a kind of Picasso thing with them - we used a 12x18 paper - their choice of color, used a
sharpie to draw the eyes, really big, then turned the paper and drew the mouth really big, then turned
the paper (again and each time after, so that their were eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and then traced their
hands all voe rthe paper) Then they got to use my rulers - a treat for Kinders! - to section off the
paper in some odd shapes. We then used oil pastels to color in some of the sections - not all since
they'd chosen a color for their paper, they surely would want to leave some of it showing! Hope this
makes sense - we visual people are sometimes not as good with the text portions.... At any rate - these
are striking pieces, and all the kids feel good about their work - they learn a litle of Picasso and his
perspectives, and get some reinforcement of the 5 senses .

sorry this was a long one - I had a lot to say...and Judy, I can't WAIT - I'm going to the store as soon
as I post this to get some colors of KoolAid to practice water coloring with!!!


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