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RE: Time spent on E/P


From: James Ray (jimstacyray_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jul 26 2004 - 17:51:19 PDT

Well Mrs. B, I like your outline but how about this one.
Intro to Art / Architecture
Week I Intro to Art[PARA]Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci[PARA]1. Intro to Art /
Classroom[PARA]2. Sketchbook[PARA]3. Symbolize[PARA]4. Visualize[PARA]5.
Descriptive Drawing Flat Architecture[PARA]Art History: Notre Dame / Capitol
Week 2 Elements[PARA]1. Line[PARA]2. Shape Value[PARA]3. Texture[PARA]4.
Space / Form[PARA]5. Color Optical / 1 point perspective[PARA]Art Career:
Principles of Design[PARA]Artist: Michelangelo[PARA]1. Proportion[PARA]2.
Balance[PARA]3. Movement[PARA]4. Variety / Unity[PARA]5. Rhythm / Economy 2
point perspective / 3 point[PARA]
2nd 6th weeks Studio Drawing
Grid[PARA]Unproportional Grid[PARA] Figures[PARA]1. Pencil[PARA]2. Charcoal
[PARA]3. Pastels[PARA]4. Oil Pastels[PARA]5. Black paper white chalk
Still life[PARA]1. Pencil[PARA]2. Charcoal [PARA]3. Pastels[PARA]4. Oil
Pastels[PARA]5. Black paper white chalk Portrait[PARA]1. Pencil[PARA]2.
Charcoal [PARA]3. Pastels[PARA]4. Oil Pastels[PARA]5. Black paper white
Landscape[PARA]1. Pencil[PARA]2. Charcoal [PARA]3. Pastels[PARA]4. Oil
Pastels[PARA]5. Black paper white chalk Abstract[PARA]1. Pencil[PARA]2.
Charcoal [PARA]3. Pastels[PARA]4. Oil Pastels[PARA]5. Black paper white
Studio Painting
Color Theory[PARA]1. Monochromatic[PARA]2. Analogous[PARA]3.
Complementary[PARA]4. Warm / Cool Colors[PARA]5. Triad Colors
Still Life[PARA]Monochromatic Abstract[PARA]Cool / Warm
Landscape[PARA]Analogous Exam [PARA]1. Review[PARA]2. Review[PARA]3.
Review[PARA]4. Exam[PARA]5. Exam
Art I B Collage
Intro to Art / Collage[PARA]Artist: Pablo Picasso[PARA]Mix Medium Collage
Paper Sculpture[PARA]Cardboard furniture[PARA]Mache Collage Glaze[PARA]
Mix Medium Collage Grid Alter Books
Pop up Collage 3d Assemblage
Ceramics[PARA]Basics[PARA]Kaleidoscope Mache [PARA]Musical Instrument
Wire[PARA]Still life[PARA]Landscape [PARA]Figures[PARA]Portrait Gause /
Pulp[PARA]Figure[PARA]Wire armature
Mobiles[PARA]Abstract[PARA]Surrealism Plaster [PARA]Portrait / Bust
Comic Fashion Design
Advertise[PARA]Logo[PARA]Product[PARA]Advertisement Lettering
[PARA]Fonts[PARA]Descriptive lettering[PARA]Calligraphy
Design [PARA]Furniture Exam[PARA]1. Review[PARA]2. Review[PARA]3.
Exam[PARA]4. Exam[PARA]5. Exam
Sixth Weeks outline
Intro to Art I A / Architecture[PARA]1. Intro to Art class Rules[PARA]2.
Elements of Art [PARA]3. Principles of Design [PARA]4. Architecture Flat
[PARA]5. Optical / 1 pt[PARA]6. 2 pt / 3 pt Intro to Art I B Collage[PARA]1.
Intro to Art / collage[PARA]2. Mixed Collage gird[PARA]3. 3 D Collage
[PARA]4. Paper Sculpture[PARA]5. Alter Books[PARA]6. Assemblage
II. Studio Drawing[PARA]1. Grid[PARA]2. Still life[PARA]3. Landscape[PARA]4.
Figurative[PARA]5. Portrait[PARA]6. Abstract V. Sculpture[PARA]1.
Ceramics[PARA]2. Wire[PARA]3. Mobiles[PARA]4. Mache[PARA]5. Gauze /
Pulp[PARA]6. Plaster
III. Studio Painting[PARA]1. Color Theory [PARA]2. Still life[PARA]3.
Landscape[PARA]4. Portrait[PARA]5. Abstract[PARA]6. Exam VI. Illustration /
Graphic Artist[PARA]1. Comic [PARA]2. Advertiser[PARA]3. Furniture
Designer[PARA]4. Fashion Designer[PARA]5. Lettering[PARA]6. Exam

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From: Aust ArtClasses []
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Subject: Time spent on E/P

When you introduce the elements and principles, how do you lay
it out. I have often spent at least a week on each one then
move on to a project based on the element. I am looking for
different approach. I personally feel it is hard to critique
work knowing about only one at a time. I was thinking spending
week 2 on elements and week 3 on principles. Touching on each
one with more in depth as the year progresses.

Here is my thoughts on first six weeks.

Week 1- Doodling excercise, and build sketchbook
Week 2 - Elements
Week 3 Priniciples Begin talking about class expectations,
guidelines, and use of technology on Fridays.
Week 4 Grid Drawing
Week 5 Perspective
Week 6 - It is at this point I feel I am pushing but the year
passes so fast.

Now these are thoughts at this time, we have 55 minute classes
daily. Anyone care to share you basic layout for the first six

Jackie Brewer (Aust)
Bryan High School
Bryan Texas 77802 (Art Classes)

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