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Re: spray paint drawings


Date: Mon Jul 26 2004 - 11:11:21 PDT

How many of these are you doing at a time? Doesn't the air get pretty
polluted? I am hypersensitive. I had a HORRIBLE reaction once to oven
cleaner. Not the cleaner, but the propellant that is in all spray cans.
My husband had cleaned the oven, about 4 hours earlier. I came home
from school and he was bragging about how great a job he did on the oven
(gotta live him!) and I opened it to oooh and ahhh. I said it looked
great and thanked him profusely. I got dressed to go swimming and left
in the car. About 45 minutes later, I came home totally confused but
able to say that something was really wrong with me. I had lost ALL of
my short term memory! I could state what I was feeling like, my husband
would say (so they tell me...) it was due to the oven fumes, but I would
immediately forget what he said and kept saying "Something's really
wrong with me!!!" I was TOTALLY in the present ONLY! I don't remember
the ride to the hospital, talking to a family doctor and parent of kids
I teach, the MRI, the EEG. THe first I remember is at 2:30 in the
morning, a nurse sitting on the side of my bed, holding my hand, saying
"You just keep sayng the same things...over and over and over...." I
remember snapping to it and saying...."yeah......I do........." Well
that was the beginning of coming out of it. I also got hydrocarbon
pneumonia from the fumes going right up my nostrils when I opened the
oven and looked in. Bizarre thing was that it didn't effect my husband
at ALL! I went back to work on Monday, but it took two full weeks to
really shake the weirdness and be back to my usual self. The day I came
home from the hosptal, a neighbor and a colleage told me that their
father/mother in law had the exact same symptoms after using spray paint
and bug spray, respectively. Since then, we no longer do the MAJOR
spraypainting of our cardboard castles at Medieval day with parents
doing it. We send it to the maintenance dept. and they do it with masks
and a spray booth. We used to do a Louise Nevelson spray painting of
junk thing. We no longer do that. I would notice on the days they did
that that the whole campus smelled like spray paint. I hate to throw a
wet blanket on this activity, but pay attention to your air qualitly
this year if you do it again. I was amazed to learn from my two friends
the next day that I was not an isolated incident. Kids and spray paint
in any quanity are a bad idea, in my humble opinion. Oh, and prior to
my incident, I had NEVER experienced any sort of chemical
hypersensitivity. Could you do the same thing with spray bottles and
watered down paint?

Linda Woods

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