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From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 08:42:47 PDT

Dear ArtsEdNetters,

Teresa Holt posted these to ArtsEducators list.


The Crayon Box that Talked

Time: 1 Class Period Grade Level:
1st Grade

The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DeRolf, pencil,
white drawing paper,crayon template, crayons, scissors
and giant crayon box

Character Education Emphasis: Diversity and teamwork

Character Education Discussion: Students will listen
to story and then participate in a discussion. What
was wrong with the box of crayons? Have you ever been
afraid of or not liked something different? What
happened when the crayons got to know each other
better? Would the finished picture have been the same
if they had not worked as a team? They were each
unique but together created something wonderful.

Art Objectives:
Each student will create an individual work of art
Students will work with a variety of art tools and
All student artwork will be assembled into one group
Students will understand respecting differences and

Trace crayon template onto white drawing paper using
Draw a self portrait onto the crayon
Use crayons to color portrait
Try to make yours different (unique) from everyone
Add your unique crayon to the rest of your
classmates to form a group project
Display during February as a tribute to Dr. Martin
Luther King along with the text of The Crayon Box that


What Color is Your Food?

Time: 1 Class Period
Grade Level: K

Materials/Resources: The Land of Many Colors by the
Klamath County YMCA Family Preschool Klamath Falls,
Oregon, stryofoam collage trays, scissors,
glue sticks, gingerbread men cut from many colors of
construction paper, magazines

Character Education Emphasis: Peace and Respect

Character Education Discussion: Students will listen
to story and then discuss similarities and differences
in people around the world. Why were the different
color people fighting with each other? Were any of
them happy
when they were fighting? Did they solve any of their
problems by fighting? Who was the peacemaker in the
story? How did they solve their problems by
getting along? Have you ever not liked someone because
they were different?

Art Objective:
Begin project by discussing the word "collage" which
means to paste in French
Students will create a "self-portrait" collage by
cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them to their
collage tray

Students will choose a gingerbread figure to
represent themselves in their self-portrait collage
Students will cut out magazine pictures that
represent their likes and dislikes
All paper cut outs will be arranged on the collage
tray(covering the entire tray) and then glued down
Students will share their completed artwork with the
class and projects will be displayed to share with the
entire student body


Pablo Picasso: Abstract Art with an Attitude
Time: 1 Class Period
Grade Level: K

Materials/Resources: Pablo Picasso by Paolo Cardoni,
white glue, toothpicks plastic cups, several powdered
tempera paints mixed with corn meal and Diamond Dust

Character Education Emphasis: Perseverance

Character Education Discussion: Students will listen
to story and then discuss Picasso's childhood. How do
you think Pablo felt in kindergarten? How did he feel
when no one understood him? How would you feel? Do you
it's good that he kept drawing and painting until
someone did understand? Do you think you need to
"stick to" things until you get good at them? What
would you like to be good at?

Art Objective:
Practice hand/eye coordination while the student
creates design with glue and sprinkles with tempera
To understand texture, students will distinguish
between smooth powder paint texture and corn meal

Dip toothpick into container and drip glue onto mat
board, creating lines and shapes
Use shakers to sprinkle on tempera mixture (use all
colors, one at a time)
Sprinkle with Diamond Dust for added texture and
discuss different textures
Share any Character Education Lessons you have
done....and I will pass them on to the other lists.
Compete lesson plans with photos can be sent to me off
list and I will put them on IAD right away....This is
one of my "passion" topics".

Thanks in advance...

Judy Decker

Judy Decker
Incredible Art Department
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