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Need ideas for First Day - High school - & Ceramics ideas


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 16:25:03 PDT

High school teachers

>> Got any ideas for 1st day

Marsha needs ideas for first day. I firmly believe that in a high school classroom you need to establish the "rules" (guidelines) and you need to do this WITH the students. What guidelines do they think are necessary? Come up with some guidelines for a successful classroom. You also need to come up with consequences that the students agree with and think are fair. They need to "buy into it". They will come up with the same guidelines that you do. But this way it is their ideas - not yours. I did the "3 before me" in high school too. I had kids teaching kids all the time - especially in ceramics.

Marcia could use some tired and true ceramics lessons for high school too. Post some of your most successful lessons. I really believe ceramics is one medium that can bridge all cultures and can be used to teach the good in all cultures. I liked taking a global approach when I taught ceramics. I didn't lecture about the beliefs - I would just talk about them as the students worked - and asked what they thought of them (what was good about their way of thinking). I never expected the students to remember all we talked about - just get the big ideas.

This is a good definition of religion:
 people's beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life

This was a part of my county art curriculum I made it a part of my units.

I am successful (smile)! I saw a former student I had in high school back in 1994-95. That student's favorite class was ceramics. What he remembers and cherishes most was his personal shrine. A slab box with special objects inside (we made hinged doors for the boxes - hinges made of leather). He said he really liked that class.... I told him that was a tough year because that is the year my brother died - He remembered that, too, because we talked about it (my brother died from AIDS). I wasn't allowed to take time off - I was told to come in as soon as I could the day I got the call (I got the call at midnight and had to notify the rest of my family - I was on the phone till 3:00 a.m.). Fortunately for me. It was close to Christmas so I did have some days off coming soon. That administrator who told me to get in as soon as I could is now the superintendent of the district.....

Another success story. All of the kids of my brother's sister in law remember me from St. Charles. They all have a special projects they cherish. One girl remembers her paper mache fish the best and that hangs in their home (that was back in 1990). I did the fish because of the symbolism it held to me. It was a great day for me today. My nephew got married. We had so much fun (I haven't danced in a long time).

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  The house is livable but we have a bit in storage so we could get around. You know us pack-rat art teachers.

  I start teacher institute on Monday. The kids arrive on thru 11th. The art room is finally cleaned by the janitorial staff who are great men. I am going through the stuff that was left and trying to make heads or tails of it. The room is generally disorganized. I am finding ceramic tools in with paintbrushes. The Xacto's are in the ceramics room...I just ordered new ones. NOT ONE BRUSH IN THE ROOM WAS USEABLE. There went a couple of hundred $ to replace them. Things weren't taken care of.

  Got any ideas for 1st day. These are HS kids. I don't want to come on like Rambo but I need to be firm. I was told their former teacher was too lenient. I can tell by the amount of gum I scraped off the floor!

  I haven't forgotten your request for lessons. I will remain LOYAL to the cause! ;}