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fund raiser ideas


Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 15:39:47 PDT

I decided to post this reply to see if someone reads this and has the answer
to this dilemma.
I am a glutton for punishment and I know it.
But when it comes to providing supplies and keeping the program open to all
students I am a tiger.
I will not allow my students sell anything because I do not want them to get
hurt in any way.
Even if you tell a 8th grader not to go door to door and let the parents
sell it at work,
one or two of them will work their neighborhood.
I have had to work the politics of keeping the boat from rocking with each
attempt I have made to raise money
during school time---from selling balloons to selling candy, fruit, cards,
student made rock necklaces,
earrings from buttons, nursery rhyme paintings, etc. Right now the bus
drivers want me to stop selling since they get too much trash on their bus
or they do not want the students to eat at all until they get home (which
can be a long ride for some.)
I only get a total of $160 for the whole year which is more than I have
gotten other years.
I raise over $1,000 with my candy sales after school.
It is a paper work nightmare as well as having to go out and buy the candy
(paying for it on my credit card),
stocking and selling EVERY DAY AFTER SCHOOL !!! O and I forgot to say
mostly by myself.
One of the other 5 art teachers who benefit from my efforts does count the
money and turn it in. Do I sound bitter?
 I am not, just upset that other art teachers are not willing to put in the
effort and time needed.
 But even so the candy and drinks after school has produced the most profit.
Barbara E. Rhodes
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