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Knott Just Another Quote


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 14:03:42 PDT

This is not meant to is meant to give you something to think
about...It is not really about religion.
I want you to look at Jesus as being a real person. He was. There is proof
that he lived - and died. There are factual accounts. I did research on the
topic many years ago. So now I want you to just look at something about him.

What does it mean to sit at the feet of Jesus? It means:
1. To take time out form the busyness of life;
2. To ignore the criticism of others;
3. To listen, to really listen; and
4. To submit one's will to the teachings of the Master

No one really wants someone quoting Bible verses to tell them how to run
their life....but these are good words for a teacher to remember.
If anyone doesn't believe these are good words to remember - then I'll tell
you where you can find them in the Bible.

This is how we can get these ideas to kids....They have their tea bag to
reflect on all the positive things in their life.
They have their band aids to heal hurt feelings and erasers because everyone
make mistakes. Use their toothpicks to pick out the good in all people.
Listen REALLY listen to what the kids are saying - then repeat it back to
them "This is what I hear you are saying". Ignore criticism that is intended
to hurt - "don't let them win" (we have to rid the schools of the bullies).
Learn from criticism that is intended to help them grow. Treat others as you
wish to be treated.

My beliefs are very much a part of who I am. I will share from time to time
how my beliefs have helped me to become the best teacher I can be.... I
finally found many of the answers....but my beliefs just didn't fit in with
my school system. Believe me, I didn't preach to my kids - I didn't even
bring up anything about the Christian religion. I shared what I did with my
cousin on Wednesday and with my brother last night and they thought
everything I did was wonderful and their opinion counts much more to me that
the opinion of the super at my district. Martha means keeper of the house
(and she helps to keep this house of mine in order). David comes from Hebrew
dod meaning "beloved". My super's name means "fox" -and I don't trust the
opinions of a sly fox....he sure tried some pretty sneaky things to insure I
would not be returning to my district. I won't tell you the awful things he

Here is my challenge to my Christian readers....Find passages that teach us
how to live....rewrite them in words we can give to kids. We can not quote
scripture - we ALL know that. Look what happened to me just because I said
"In God We Trust - You have to believe that kids". I never said anything
like that again....But did say the pledge everyday. "One Nation Under God"
because I DO believe that and always will. I believe that their is one GOD
and he or she has given each culture their own religion to make sense of the
world around them. The god of that Native Americans is my God. The god of
the Africans is my God. How can I expect them to accept my Jesus with all of
the crappy stuff christians have done? I won't go into it anymore.....I am
just so glad I had a father who took the time to talk about all of these
things that concerned me while I was growing up. I just wish this for my
life....that I don't wake up one day christian . I got that from a Web site
Pascale sent me. Pascale is a Buddhist and we share so many of the same
views. I don't blame christians for things that have been done -- I just
think they have interpreted what they have read differently than I have. I
want to always be Judy Decker.... I like that my name means praise...that is
a label I am proud of.

Judy Decker - Ohio
Incredible Art Department