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RE: Speaking of respect...names


Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 09:54:00 PDT

Stream of consciousness thought for the day regarding trying to remember
all of those NAMES in our lives:

I don't know why we don't all just have our names tattooed on our
foreheads at birth. They would expand as our skin grew larger to
accommodate those of us who now need reading glasses to read small
print. Everyone would have their name on their forehead so nobody
would think anything at all about it. There would be no more bangs
allowed at haircut time. They eyes would also show on every student,
thereby making it easier to look in their eyes and know if they were
pulling the wool over your eyes or not. Your tattoo would just be a
normal feature, like your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, skin, and hair. It's
not too late to start now. Just think how helpful that would be. Think
how easy it would be for twins and triplets to help us remember who they
are. And those dang siblings!!! Maybe we could all keep it straight for
once just who is who in the sibling area. I don't know about you, but
for me, once the sibling names shift, I have SUCH a hard time making it
right again in my brain. A true mental block. Just think of all the
new storage we would have in our brains if we could only do this one
simple thing. Plastic surgeons would all have to quit turning everyone
into Barbie because they would be so busy stamping names on foreheads
and taking care of those true plastic surgery emergencies that they
would have no more time for "nip and tuck" or "lift and separate." We
could all grow old on the same jealousy at your 40th high
school reunion to spoil your fun! And you would remember EVERYONE! And
hey with all of the new government plans for tracking terrorists, this
idea would probably appeal to them, as well!