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Speaking of Restrooms....


Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 06:03:27 PDT

 Here is my system of dealing with passes that has worked for over 20 years
I have a warning system... earn 3 warnings in a nine week period and it is a
'call home' as well as a 'd-hall'. Passes that are not excused earn
warnings. If the student brings a note back to me in 24 hours from parent
or guardian stating (this year I will word a note that will read something
like this and be handed to the student with his hall pass ) "Mrs. Rhodes,
Please erase _______________'s warning since he/she did share with me the
reason for leaving the classroom. I feel that it was a needed pass. I will
call you at 258-8507 if I have any questions or if I need to let you know of
a problem of which you need to be aware. Parent's/ Guardian's Signature
____________________ (To encourage responsibility this note must be
returned no later than ___/___/___ to erase the warning)"
If parents or students have any problems with this I just inform them that
the school policy is no passes except for emergency. If a parent feels that
it was needed and gives permission I will be glad to back the parent's
wishes up.
The 24 hour limit is to help teach responsibility which is a lesson that is
greatly needed in middle school.
Hope this works for some of you that hate to make the decision if Johnny
does or does not get the pass. By the way I keep my warning system on my
attendance page. Since the student is there that day I have a blank grid.
As I give a warning I mark a number in the grid that represents the type of
warning given (talking during instruction, unexcused pass, playing, not
being respectful of school property). If I need to write a d-hall and call
home I know what happened and on what days. Also I mark the 2nd warning
with a circle if I call the student up to my desk and have a conference. I
will not issue a d-hall for warinings unless I have a conference where the
student is reminded of what actions he/she has done and that another such
action will earn them the d-hall/call home step. My students are not
surprised when they get a d/hall. Also when I call home I usually do it at
the time of the d-hall signing and on my cell phone say "Mrs. Jones, This
is Mrs. Rhodes, Johnny's art teacher. Johnny is bringing home a d-hall slip
for you to sign and he is right here to tell you why he got it. If you have
any questions about it I will be glad to talk with you after he is through"
At that time Johnny can step into my office to talk to his mother. I
usually do not get the phone back and do not have to give out any more
warnings for that period. If a parents asks why I bothered them at work I
just tell them that if Johnny forgets the d-hall then he is in for more days
and WE do not want that to happen to him.

Barbara E. Rhodes
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