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RE: Speaking of Restrooms....


From: Alix Peshette (apeshet_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 08:31:39 PDT

This has been a long and painful topic at my school, both for students and
staff. The official stance is NO bathroom passes during class. We have a 5
minute passing period and the kids are supposed to take care of personal
needs during that time.

I am mortally offended by the idea that human beings aren't allowed to
defecate and urinate when the need arises! I believe this is a civil rights
issue!! I allow bathroom rights to whomever makes a reasonable request. I
always have the student take a hall pass to make sure they are 'legal' in
the halls. We can all tell who is just bluffing to get out of class and
meet friends in the hall!

Besides the fact that we have 1000 students trying to get to class and use
the limited number of bathrooms, the portables wing is actually too far away
to get to the bathrooms in five minutes!! Staff in the portables wing had
the same problem.

When I spent three years out there, I talked loudly about filing a grievance
with the union over this issue. Instead, I served on the Site Council for
five years and helped direct funds to build a new bathroom in a more
centrally located place. It took every minute of those five years, many
veiled threats (on my part) and $150,000!! The District wanted to use that
money to paint the beams in the school.

Mary stated that girls in puberty need more time. Can you imagine the stink
some parent would make to the school board if we denied a young lady the
bathroom and she had a really embarrassing accident in class because of it?
In my town, we would be publicly pilloried in the newspaper!!

Alix E. Peshette
Technology Coordinator
Emerson Junior High School
Davis, CA

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From: Jerry & Mary B []
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 7:52 AM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: Speaking of Restrooms....

Just curious, what is the policy for most of you art educators.
Sometimes I feel like I am in the minority at school , in that if the
kids ask politely( are not "frequent flyers") I let them go to the
restroom. Many teachers at our school do not let students go during
class. One scenario is if it is one of the later periods of the morning
or end of the day , some kids really got to go. So by the time they get
to art..... you know what I mean :-). We have 3 minutes between
classes. Now for some young ladies in puberty 3 minutes doesn't cut it.
I do tell kids if they need the restroom to tell me right away before
the bell rings and that way they won't be marked late.
Bottom line - you know who the abusers of rest room use and who
legitimately needs it. If a kid has been working well and needs to
leave during work time( not during demos unless emergency), why torture
them. I do not understand the policy of some who refuse to let kids go.

artappeal wrote:

>Makes me thankful that our kids are taught to say, "May I use the