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Pet Peeves - Thanks Pam - What are yours?


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 06:10:30 PDT

Get this thread going. POST YOUR PET PEEVES!

Yikes!!! I know I have done it, too (smile). A LOT of times I don't take
time to proof read very well (and when I do I read right over my
mistakes)....and A LOT of times I don't do my spell check (to catch my silly
errors). Now I have something to think about before I click send that will
be a "fun thing" to think about.

I'm glad we had this little "chat"....Now....if you see me do it....just
copy and paste my email address into the To line and say "shame on you" in
the subject line...This way we can both just laugh at about it....Please
don't take time to do that during the school year (you don't have time for
that - just say a little "there she goes again" to yourself)....Let's just
have fun with it during the summer.

These are some things I am going to try harder to do....Slow down as I
type.....Reread what I wrote carefully......Do my spell check....and then
re-read again....Because I hate it when something I send to the world has
typos. I over look them in your posts - they don't bother me a why
do they bother me in my own (who knows?). One thing no one has to do is
re-post that they made a typo and apologize for it - Only make a repost if
it was a link that was entered incorrectly. 99% of the time, we can make out
what you were really trying to say.

I think this can be a "fun" way to solve some minor "problems" ... Oh they
aren't really problems - I know that.....But let's use this as an
opportunity to post what it is that bugs us that list members do....Have
FUN. What are your "Pet Peeves" of list members. I am going to start with my
"pet peeve"

1. My pet peeve is that when the lists goes down... I get dozens and dozens
of email (daily) asking me "What's up with Getty?". I answer them all - no
problem. I never know what is up with Getty when the list goes down.... I
just pray that it comes back up again....I know how much Art Education needs
Getty. Here is what you do. Enter a couple of Cyber Friends into your
address book....and just send a message to them "Are you getting any Getty
mail?" -- If they come back with "no, me neither" - then you know the list
is down.

2. My second Pet Peeve is that when someone has problem with their mail --
they email Getty and complain. The problems with your mail is never
something Getty has control over (except sometimes there server does go
down). We lost the Digest primarily because of everyone's woes. Folks who
have the digest can still get it....SO from here on out - when you are
having problem with your mail. Chances are it is because there is something
in there that you are supposed to read. Reading my Getty mail fixes a lot of
glitches my machine has (no kidding -- smile). If you still have problems
with your Getty mail. This works for some. Unsubscribe your email address --
then re-subscribe it. I don't know why - but that seems to work.

3. My third pet peeve - is that Digest users don't want to scroll past the
gobbly-gook of attachments - so now "as they are posted folks" have to jump
through hoops to get their lesson plans sent to the group. When I was a
digest user - if the attachment was something I wanted to see. I simply
emailed the original sender and requested they send it to me off list. Every
senders email address IS available - go to the From line - copy and paste
the address if it is there - or right click properties - I am replying to a
message from (Pam from Hawaii)

4. My fourth pet peeve was taken care of by Bunki and Patty - Smile oh
Brilliant and Wise ones. List members need to be able to have an opinion and
be able to share that opinion freely without someone coming back with a rude
and crude remark. When we disagree- we do it in a professional manner - If
you want to tell someone they are full of "S" - save that for off list posts
(here is your chance to let me have it -- smile -- I
won't tell you the "horror" story of what some of your on and off list posts
did to me in December 2000 -- but I DID learn my lesson. You got me to "shut
up" for quite a long time. I lost the ideas in my head that I wanted to
share. This summer, I found my ideas again - so I am getting caught up for
almost two years of silence. My hubby doesn't want to hear my ideas on art
education all the time. What can he do about?.... I do share them with him.
We talk about it. Then I write them down and send them to you....JUST
delete. Don't ever tell a list member to STOP sharing ideas or lessons
plans. THAT is what my survey respondents want.
I know sometimes I don't think long enough how my message is going to be
perceived by others when I click send.... I will try to reread what I say -
and think about it more before I click send. Let me just say this last
word.... I NEVER think someone is trying to show they are a "know it all"
when they post to the list. You folks have all read different sources than I
have - I love learning from you! Different things work for different people.
I always post what worked for me in my situation....I love it that things
work for you differently.

OK -- Let us have fun with this. Pam got it going....EVERYONE now let's get
this out in the open so that nothing the "list" does causes you any stress
during the school year. I have the time... so I will be "mother" when I see
someone who is causing someone stress. I don't care beans what you folks
think of me. THIS IS MY BATTLE. I even sent another message to Getty telling
them I need this list more than anyone....and will do everything in my power
to help save it...SO...from here on out. When you have a concern -EMAIL me
( ) - when a list member is not listening to our
guidelines and it upsets you....come to "mother" (smile). If you perceive a
list message the wrong the original sender (I just copied and
pasted Pam's address into a new message - I know what I am doing was not her
intent - She just "opened" the door for me). I have my own list vent
people -they don't mind my sharing some of the silly stuff you do from time
to time. What I see list members do that bothers me -- are things I have
done that bother me, too.

POST YOUR PET PEEVES! I will be watching for everyone's Pet Peeves and will
compile them. I will not post them to the list....but will use them in off
list communications.


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