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re: Kincade and Ken's great commment :) and FINE ART ARTISTS ART SALES at hotel's and warehouses near you !


From: Christine Besack (mrsbeeswax_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 05:24:38 PDT

HI All, Great enthusiastic thread !!!
Ken ,
regarding your comments in front of Master Kincade.

I laughed out loud at the screen !! YEAH score one for our side !

I am not sure if we will ever get a consensus on this issue, but for what it's worth.
I also cringe when I see the ads on TV for the " FINE ART ARTISTS ART SALES" at hotels and warehouses.

If real art evokes emotion, then .....
If I want to HURL at a Kincade or a warehouse flat, monkey painted bowl of fruit, then I guess it does evoke emotion.

There are people who consider Campbell's soup, real soup and those who consider it faux soup.

There have long been discussions of actual fine artists wanting to picket at those hotel sales, but when it all comes down to it there will be fine art with process and emotion and schlock art will always find its niche.
Hopefully we will banish from the world the art teachers whose lessons consist of the kids make 32 exactly alike happy clowns, or 32 puppies in a basket ! (through art education professional development and listservs like this one)

I just wish that these hotels would give equal show space to area artists to showcase their paintings, prints, jewelry and ceramics.
As far as our students, it is our job to expose then to our opinion of fine art, art history, and culture. But I am always careful of how I comment on what may be hanging in their homes.
I have a watercolor by numbers that a parent gave to me and I love it because of who it came from and I know it took her a while to complete it, and she thought a lot of me to give her hard work away.
But I don't use it as an example when I am teaching watercolors. Nor would I use Kincade.

Hey your students could have given you a wrestling calendar !!! At least it was art related.
I used to poo poo Bob Ross and Bill Alexander, but I now view them as a "kind of " art therapy". I worked in an art supply store during their peak success on public television. I saw people who never painted in their lives enjoying the process and getting involved in something that made them extremely happy. So there is some merit to it after all.

I just keep thinking of what Van Gogh would have thought of the "Postman and his family" finger puppets that were marketed in art museum gift shops around the world during an exhibition a few years ago !
my two cents,
Christine Besack :)