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Re: caring about drawing....(Mike and all)


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 13:09:40 PDT

>>> because in their eyes they can't get it "right".

OK...Open their eyes to a new way of seeing. Start with the higher order stuff (the higher order thinking skills)...Get them to go for that. The EXPERTS say there are four general style categories. These styles terms help us remember that artists have different reasons for creating art. These styles can be seen in artworks from different times and cultures. Expressionism - Realism - Abstraction - Fantasy . Get them to first take pride that they see things the way art experts see things. Go to the higher order stuff in Aesthetics too. Maybe one kid fits better into Expressionism - one fits better into Realism - one fits better into Abstraction - one fits better into fantasy. It is funny, but this is kind of how I designed my curriculum without even realizing it. THEN get them thinking about theories of art - get them thinking about what the EXPERTS say not what our society says is "good art". One theory is Art as Imitation (does it look real) - One theory is Art as Formal Order (do all of the P's and E's come together) - one theory is Art as Expression (does it have feeling) - and one Theory as Functional (does the work have an important message or function). Get them to realize there are different ways to view art (the EXPERTS say so - and who can question the experts?). Their work if it is not imitation must fit into one of these other theories of aesthetics. Personally, I think these theories interconnect. But try this to open their eyes before you expect all of them to try realism/art as imitation as the "right' style /theory - ALL are right. The main thing is to get them DRAWING an give them confidence. Kids start drawing at a very early age. "We" do something that makes them stop. What is it that we do? We want them to draw a certain way. I didn't "get this" until just a few years ago (at least I didn't get how to "fix" the problem when a child wasn't happy with their drawing. I never interfered with how my own son drew things - and he still draws today....and he is not an artists - he just appreciates art. He wasn't ready to LEARN the realism and such until he got to high school - that was the right time for him. Then is when he could really focus on his work and bring it home to work on. The right time reaches kids at different times in their lives.

I am really glad you started this thread. It has been on my mind for a long time - but I didn't want to bring it up. Maybe others can chime in on what they do. Linda Woods has some WONDERFUL ways of dealing with kids. Do read everything she posts (and read everything Bunki and Patty post) and you will be come a much better teacher. Get kids drawing - then when they draw find ways for it to be the RIGHT way.

I hope this helps you Mike....I will try to help you more off list ( There is a lot of mail today.

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  Funny thing is I personally prefer less representational design stuff myself being a graphic/advertising art director, and I could weigh it more that way, but I feel I leaving out something for them espescially because they want realism. Now, sure some kids may draw :"like Patty kids" but that's only because in their eyes they can't get it "right". I like the idea of cubist connections and such. Not sure if they would buy it ,b ut I'm willing to try.

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