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Wise Words from Eileen


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 07:18:29 PDT

>> Every teaching situation is different. It's important to teach a class and not just a subject.

Every child is different - teach the child....It takes a little time but you can find what works with every child.
That is why ART is so great....Now if we can just get the "powers that be" to see it our way. If the "powers the be" would only learn to talk to kids the way we know how to talk to kids we could solve a whole bunch of problems with education today.....but then again, we might put a bunch a "specialists" out of a job.....and then, too, we might put a few counselors out of a job....So I guess, we better just leave things as they are (smile).....and then again, we might end up with just too many artists for our culture to support....When what we know our culture needs is more mathematicians and scientists. Isn't that every child's dream? To become a mathematician or scientist? is important to teach the whole brain (smile). How come art is the only subject that really gets this?

I am just so fortunate my son has a whole brain. I helped him with his math homework up through tenth grade....My dad was there for me all through Calculus when I took it in college. My dad used calculus in his work. My son just complete his third course in Calculus in college.....and right now is on his way to Columbus to buy some music for his cello.

Every once in a while I test to see if I still have a brain.... I do the sample test questions I find on the Internet that we expect kids to do...Thank God, I can still do them or I just might be a failure in life. I learned my math and science questions well enough to pass life. It took me a while...I had to take my time...but by golly, I got them right! Now could I have done that if I had 50 questions to answer in 40 minutes? I think not! ....but that is what we expect kids to do. By the way, my son stressed and stressed over his timed multiplication test in fourth the point that if he knew they were being tested he felt sick and didn't want to go to school. I talked to his fourth grade teacher and got some tests to work on with Matthew at home. We worked on the every night and in no time at all, he was getting all the answers in the short amount of time he was given. Soon he had confidence to do it on his own.

If I only had a brain.....Well half a brain is better that no brain.

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  Half the students in my half year advertising class were seniors. Many of them took the class only because they needed an additional half credit to graduate. Although they all had had the foundation class, their aim was to simply pass. It was difficult. The enthusiatic sophomores and juniors had chosen this class instead of something else. One of the tricks I used to review assignments, critiques, etc. was to have one of the popular funny girls be my assistant. She stood at the blackboard asking questions and writing down the answers. I would direct what she would say. She loved it and took it seriously. The kids were really in to it. Every teaching situation is different. It's important to teach a class and not just a subject. Eileen ---