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YES! speaking of character development (Digest users)


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 06:06:51 PDT

This is perfect, Deb.

Wow! Let's all print this off for a kiddies, too
for them to stick in their portfolio or notebook along with their survival

Deb - please don't take offense to what I am going to say.....and Dawn - it
is OK that you shared this with me because it is something I think I can
take care of.
"Digest users" and "Get the messages as they are posted" folks - "Can't we
ALL be friends?" Those of you on the digest are very lucky to still have it.
Many folks want what you have and can't get it.....This is my request of
you..... PLEASE put up with some of the gobby-gook when list folks want to
send attachments. Some list members want to freely give - but they are
scolded by digest users who can not open their attachments. I SAVE ALL
attachments (lessons/ ideas) that come to me and can forward them to you if
you want the file.
I checked with Nick Brod and there is absolutely NO PROBLEM sending
attachments to the list. Just keep them small (send big ones to me).

Let's try this new approach. If you see someone has sent an attachment - and
you like what that members has sent -- then wait until the next day to "pay
it forward". NOW is the time when folks have the time to look through their
files and see what they have to give. Digest users have more time now to
scroll on by. Just imagine how much time it takes someone to post that they
have a file.... then collect email addresses....then send the files....then
several days later have someone else read the offer...request the
files.....the member forwards again....and this process can go on. I still
get requests for files I offered months and years ago.

In our Getty Art Teacher Culture - we discuss things that bug us openly and
freely...We come to consensus on how we will deal with the problem. There
are real solutions for this little things that bother us. In the future As
they are posted folks - If someone sends you a message that they can not
read what you send. Take a deep breath - and smile and just reply with a
forward of the file. You will FEEL so much better. And Digest users if you
are scrolling and scrolling away past and attachment and want to see what is
was - then simply email the sender - or me (your choice) - and it will be
forwarded to you.

During the school year - we can go back to folks just sending to me so as
not to bog down the mail.
Just try to remember a simple rule - don't send too many attachments in one
day. Folks who do want to send attachments will have to download their mail
to make sure there aren't too many more attachments sent already.

Lets ALL work together to fix the little things that bug us with the
list...It is GIFT from Getty - and I want it to remain for a very long
time....and NEVER send a complaint to Getty when your email is not working.
Chances are? It is because there is an important email there for you that
you must read. Dawn, this is my battle (smile).

Let's all remember this quote from my son's Robby Robot "Whoops! Excuse me!"
(which by the way he took all apart to see how it worked - isn't that

From: "Deborah Gilbert" <>
Subject: speaking of character development

> There's a great passage at this site that I imagine would have a
> profound affect on any student who might casual read it, instead of
> listening to the teacher talk.. booyah! We get them either way!
> Deborah