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Re: Thanks! for your thoughts! Deborah - Debby


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 21:15:31 PDT

Follow the leader (ha-ha).... I am posting this to the list -- but am
addressing this to Deborah.
I like that name! That was my sister's name. DEBORAH (Hebrew) Messenger of
...and aint that the truth! My sister really told it like it is. She held
nothing back. She was one who could tell someone exactly what she thought of
them and exactly what was on her mind.....and if they couldn't take it
...well then that was their problem....She also taught me some very valuable
lessons towards the end of her life...I won't go on here about those - but
just know that I have back one of the "gifts" she gave me. (My sister hated
Deborah - she went by Deb)

>> "Judy-IAD"--
Devide out cultures - artists - lessons - what every else you might have....

Everyone has their own way of filing "stuff".... I have a folder on my
computer hard drive that is Incredible Art Department - and in that folder
are folders for each section of the site - and within those are folders...I
have folders for sites on photography - for ceramics - Interactive sites -
etc. Folders for the different levels for lesson plans - and then folders
that I move the emails to when I am done adding the lesson.....Then I have a
folder for my Web site...and within that are folders...I have one folder
that is Add to Site - and it has folders inside it for the various topics.
Now I just File Save as - and save into the right folder when I get my post
back (if it is one of mine with links) - and save the posts list members
make into my folders too. The fun part is figuring out what kind of folders
you will need and then labeling them. I have my cultures all in separate

I also have lots of folders in my document files - for artists and art
resources. My middle school lesson plan folder is fairly well organized by
art form - a drawing folder - painting folder - weaving/fibers -
printmaking - ceramics - and so forth. Unfortunately, I never did organize
my elementary folder (maybe a job for next summer -- I was just saving the
ideas "just in case" I ever decided to teach elementary).

I also have folders in my In box (mail) that I just drag email too if it is
not for the sites and I want to have easy access to. I have one that is
labeled Family, IAD (that is the Survey results and search results - I like
to be able to refer to them)- one that is called Judy (smile) that has my
Praise emails that folks have sent - then another one for my son's school
information. I had one for ArtsEdNet when I was collecting the save
ArtsEdNet letters....Thos are pretty easy to create too.

Linda Woods is the "Queen of Organization" she organized all of her files
this summer. I am so proud of her. Now is the time to get your "stuff" in
order so you know where to find it when school starts. If only our filing
cabinets in our rooms were so easy to organize as our computer folders.

PLEASE folks when you reply to a thread but it is a personal message for
someone - at least add their name to subject heading. I read everyone's
messages and it would be nice to know that some of them are not intended for
me. That would save me time -- and a lot of other people time. I usually
reply OFF LIST if the message is personal - but I chose to post this to the
entire list. If your message is not intended for everyone - or for many to
read - then try to send it off list. A great majority of these personal
messages have nothing to do with the subject heading. I put "follow the
leader" up there as a personal joke that only I need to get right now
(smile)....If anyone wants the funny story then ask off list

> e-mails, sites, and it's like the neverending story. I am also trying
> to come up with a filing system to organize all of these e-mails so I
> can use them for a reference. Anyone have a good system to share? I
> have one I am calling "Judy-IAD"--anyone want to guess what is stored
> there? However, it is getting rather big and I may have to sub-file it,
> too! Help! Another neverending story!
> Debby :-)