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More on teaching values (especially Linda or Tracey)


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 08:28:30 PDT

Good morning ArtsEdNetters,

My email program is screwing up again. I am not getting everyone's mail.....
I hate it when it does that. I may get Tracey's post tomorrow - but just in
case I don't...Would SOMEONE please send me what Tracey said? I don't even
know which Tracey this is. This IS a topic I am VERY interested in.

> Tracey,
> I like this idea. Not only could it spark some
> recognition/accountability in kids, it could produce some really
> interesting drawings. Please tell us what you read to them!
> Linda

I am not being critical here....but when you reply to a post folks, would
you please try to include the email address of the person who made the
original post? I was just going to send this to Linda - but I know she is a
very busy lady. I thought someone else may have saved Tracey's post and
would repost it for her with this same subject heading....or even better
yet, maybe Tracey would see it and she would know how much I value her
opinion on this topic.

People....this is Sensational Sunday!!! And you are one sensational group.
You are the ones who have the power to teach values everyday....Please do
it. I hate the way some adults behave and I worked very hard to change that
behavior in children and it WORKED! ....but I was not appreciated by school
for finding the way to success in teaching (smile). Now I will work very
hard to help you be successful. NEVER let the silly things kids do bother
you -- but help them find the right way. We did this with our own "wonder
boy" all his life. He is not perfect folks. He has a messy room - smile --
but that is my fault, not his. He knows how much I hate housework - always
have. Learn to live with their little "imperfections" have some meaningful
consequences - and DO discipline the ones that really haven't "got it" yet.
I will post some "horror stories" (on what happened when my discipline was
not enforced ...and some real success stories on when it was).

Now this part is only for those who believe in God.....When you work with
kids - have the love of God in your heart. There is no such thing as a bad
kid. Some adult along the way has ruined that child (yes, probably a
parent - but we can't change that)....Try your "tricks" to fix that child
while he/she is still "fixable".....and we will see a tremendous drop in all sorts of horrendous things that adults do....The CHILDREN are
our future -- they are our real "Treasures".

For those who do not believe in God - just help me believe that all children
are born good. Adult behavior is what shapes and molds them. I really hated
some the adult behavior in my school (but that is the "Real World" isn't it?
We have to just "let that roll")

I tried to make this short....but sigh....this was just on my mind (smile)

Sensational Sunday!

Judy Decker

P.S. My post on curriculum was so hard for me because of this quote: "Say
what you mean - and mean what you say"..... I USED to be a "perfectionist" -
but never was with my own son - I tried very hard not to do it with my
students....but I know those first few years when I was trying to teach like
someone else who was "perfect" (smile) - I was not being the best teacher I
could be. I didn't finally get it all myself until I took a few classes at
Bluffton College - and really learned how to teach.

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> Tracey,
> I like this idea. Not only could it spark some
> recognition/accountability in kids, it could produce some really
> interesting drawings. PLease tell us what you read to them!