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Curriculum - and How to Get an A in Art


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 14:53:23 PDT

Curriculum has come up again -- this time on the ArtsEducators' list....

Patty had some words of wisdom that I will put on the site when I do a
curriculum page.... I just added some more links to my file thanks to
Christine Besack (she is my curriculum links finder). I jsut scanned through
the file - looking for tidbits to post and came across this:

Howard Gardner's "Theory of Multiple Intelligences" underscores the
importance of the arts in teaching and learning. He identified seven
different types of intelligence: linguistic; logical/mathematical; musical;
spatial; bodily kinesthetic; interpersonal; and intrapersonal. He points out
that, in this nation, education usually focuses primarily on linguistic and
logical/mathematical intelligence. Gardner considers it critical to
recognize that the arts build upon and integrate the other five forms of
intelligence -- that is, the other five "ways of learning and knowing." He
concludes that teaching the arts themselves, as well as using the arts to
teach other disciplines, enables educators to reach many students who are
not now succeeding in school and to reach all students more deeply.

BELIEVE that and DO IT (This really does work with middle school
kids)....but be will start enjoying the kids so much more and
will start enjoying your job so much more that folks just might think you
are crazy (LOL at me). Be happy in your "discovery" - Just try not to show
it too much (smile).

I have told you often that I can not write a book....all of the good ideas
on being a good teacher are already out there. We just have to use them.

Staff members would joke that the only class this kid or that passed was
Art....I was a joke. My program wa a joke.....but not to me. All a kid had
to do was dress for phys ed and they would pass.....but yet the kids would
fail becaseu they wouldn't dress for phys ed. (I never joked about that).

Kids had to work pretty hard to fail in art (LOL).....and they had to have
pretty "shitty" (ooops a naughty word --- shame on me) parents too to fail
in art. I only "failed" a couple of kids -- and they earned it.

Once I found the last most important piece of the puzzle on "How to be a
Good Art Teacher" -- my school decided they didn't want me anymore (long
story -- enough said -- but I have a job now that I like so much better --
and it certainly is a LOT less stressful). So do share with me when you are
feeling stress and I will help you through it. That is "my job" now
(smile)....just one of "my jobs".... I will get the "stress busters"
compiled soon as many survey folks were interested in that topic.

Pam Smith wants to know how I got that one student to work (it was actually
two at the same time...I will happy to share that story).

Judy Decker - Ohio
Incredible Art Department