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RE: Tracy Conley needs your help


From: Hillmer, Jan (hillmjan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 14:14:53 PDT

Perhaps you could break up the time a little bit. Sketchbooks can be made out of copy paper, and you can get free cardboard every time you finish a box of cereal. Have them do something in their sketchbook each day. Either vocab words, or coppy an artist's work, including the artist's name and title of the picture. For the caricatures, check out some of the Japanese Manga that's so popular now - if you grab 'em with some fun stuff, they'll be a little more willing to work.Have you tried guided drawing? Overhead projecter Classroom kinda dark, kids copy what you draw, step by step. Not real creative, but the results are usually pretty impressive. ..After having the kids draw with pencils for a while, I bring out pens - make a big deal about it, and the kids think it's cool. Papermates black - those packs of 12 for a buck! Some simple geometric optical illusions might grab 'em (check out some of the quilt squares) - that could be done in mosaic. The Kaleidescope circles ( right brain overload - can't think of the name) that lots of this group does in some type of variation is also something cool. Spring for a few colored pencils (isn't there a site that sells seconds for cheap?) including some metallic and show them a little about shading, blending from one color to another.
Hope that gives you a few ideas.

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        Dear Art Educators,
        Tracy can read ArtsEdNet Talk messages but for some reason can not post
        I promised Tracy I would post this for her... Here is her email to reply
        Thanks for all you folks do for Art Education!
        From Tracy:
        I am looking for suggestions or ideas. I am a new teacher and I took on a
        job this summer for 6 weeks at a christian based juvenile home. I am
        teaching art to two classes. We have an hour and a half with one class and
        then they switch and I get another class. My first session is complete and I
        start the new groups next tuesday. I have the projects already set. The
        first week we did mosiacing with magazine pieces and all sorts of beans.
        They sketched their drawings and then started. Most didn't finish it and
        didn't have the motivation or patience to even do it.
        The second week we watercolored still lifes. This was very challenging and
        difficult for most of them. The first group I had was a little bit older and
        more motivated then the group I am about to get. The ages range from 12-18
        years old. The last week we did caricatures. This did not go well at all.
        Most of them can't draw and they don't understand it. I want to get a real
        caricature artist to come in to motivate them but I am not having much luck
        finding anyone whowants to donate their time.
        So, the first week is:
        1. mosiacs
        2. Still life-watercolor
        3. Caricatures
        The hour and a half is almost too long for them to work on one thing. Any
        suggestions of games or trivia things we could do? Most of these students
        are on medications so they are tired and not motivated and a lot of them
        have major issues. Anything would help.
        Oh yeah, one last budget was $50. I bought matt board for $15
        that we have been using for everything, watercolors, brushes, some beans,
        and 2 sharpies.
        Thank you
        Tracy Conley
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