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Matisse lesson plan elementary - Experts list News (long!)


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Jul 12 2003 - 10:58:26 PDT

Sorry if this is a duplication -- I got side tracked with other mail - and
forgot where I left off....and NOW my mail program WILL not mail out to my
Art Teacher Experts group.....So from now on, if I have a message to get to
the entire group I will just have to do it the easy way and post to the list
serves. It isn't worth an hour of my time to get one email out. Those of you
who do not want to read the "experts" mail may just delete ---but as
always, you are welcome to read it. (and now I don't have to deal with
bounced mail!)

Hello Experts (please - continue to reply to be removed - I take all bounced
email addresses off now, too, so that works for me, too) ..... Its a good
thing I didn't get this out yesterday!! Welcome back all Getty members! Now
you will be hearing more from me.
Let us all "count our blessings".....all of our "prayers have been
answered" -- those who believe in prayer can believe that for sure! LOL -I
can tell you more if you want to know -- but I kept sending messages to
Getty all through the down time - LOL - with a prayer attached - giggle). I
knew I personally needed the Getty list more than anybody -- Oh - I had
plenty to talk about with out it....My mailbox was always full.... I even
had to change my goal for the day to "talk with artists and art teachers" -
because that is all I was able to get done - and I ENJOYED IT! I was able to
help so many "new to me" people. I passed out some of your email addresses
to them too.

Marcia Thompson (Wisconsin) has changed her email

I am going to try to get a lot in one email....just skip around to the parts
that interest you.

During the Getty down time I have "met" so many new
people....and have shared more stuff. It is so obvious to me that
what folks really want from me right now is to TALK/Share ideas. I really
DON'T want to be too busy to answer list member questions. I don't have time
to do any more searches for folks this summer (I'll have more time for that
once school starts) - but do have time to tell you where to find "stuff" on
the site and so forth. If any one missed any of my posts for stuff I made
all through June and wants those search files - I can forward them to you.
I will get most of them online when I get done putting the meta tags at the
top (my own little tech wizard Matthew is going to help -
so I won't need Ken Rohrer's help). I have enough files of links now
(of stuff you folks want) to keep me busy for months.....and I owe that to
the survey group (I appreciate them). Next time I will just ask one or two
questions question on the "survey" - make it easy for everyone. I did my
survey group and the experts list because I anticipated the Getty going
down. It goes down every summer. I am so glad you didn't email them
about your concerns with the list. I asked Nick Brod to put a note on the
site if they plan to do away with it -- so far the page is still there about
the list.

Here is Linda Wood's coworkers Matisse lesson (from Weezie Sharman)
Matisse lesson began with the children drawing groups of mannequins in
various poses. We discussed showing action and motion in the human figure.
Each table of four students had a group of mannequins they were allowed to
pose as they wished to show movement. Next, I showed them many Matisse
collage pieces for inspiration. We discussed geometric vs. organic
shapes,positive and negative space, and the elements of color. They were
each given a sheet of white paper and many sheets of varying colors, hole
punchers, crazy scissors,and glue. They covered the white paper completely
with the cutouts from the colored paper. Lastly they selected a mannequin
pose from their original drawings to draw on black paper. They cut it out
and placed it on top of their collage and...voila, they were done! (note: I
will be putting this lesson on IAD. I have asked Weezie for information
about her glazes and underglazes for the ceramic desserts. I'll be putting
that lesson plan online in the future. (Survey group has already received

Drawing Files for sharing:
I have three Word files for drawing ideas to share - my survey group already
got them. One is 80 sketchbook ideas - drawing assignments - and another
drawing ideas (all high school - but good for middle school too)

Good News!!!! Sue Galos has sent me so much cool stuff that I am going to
make her very own mini web site. Watch for news on that soon. Randy sent me
enough lessons for high school to last for years. I just have to find
someone who can open the files. I have a contact at my old school who may be
able to do it in the fall. I will keep you posted on the availability of
those plans. As always - I will share them the easy way first. Which brings
up Ken's plans again....Does anyone else (high school or middle school) want
Ken's folder of lessons? They are in a Zip folder - 16 plans in all - and
are Word documents. I will get them all on the site soon.

AND for all of you experts who have made "promises" - forget about
it! (all except for one - The site has been searched for one plan three
weeks in a row - folks really do want to see it and it IS coming when she
has time -- that is the only promise I remember now - I have forgotten all
rest of them). Do continue to share if it is fun and something you really
want to do. The site can always use new lesson plans. Use the "experts" list
for gathering "ideas". I am going to put the middle school ceramics ideas
page online - but that is the only one I have so far. There won't be anymore
"ideas" pages compiled this summer. Look at the area of interest/expertise
to get more ideas for the media you are looking for. I have some "how tos"
from Tracy Albert on some of her projects that are on her site - and will
post those to the list soon.

Judy Decker - Ohio
Incredible Art Department