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Re: New Member, New Teacher, and Art on a Cart


From: The Austin's (whest177_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 07:23:25 PDT

LeAnn, go where you'll be happiest! IMHO, that room isn't going to make you
happy if your heart is with the little ones. On my webpage I have ideas for
organizing a cart. I found I became an expert at distributing supplies while
I gave the background information. If we were critiquing a reproduction then
I passed out supplies while we talked. I don't allow students out of their
chairs until clean up time, and then only the ones I assign jobs to. My
biggest concern is why does this school want projects completed in one class
period? This is easier with the primary aged students, but the older ones
expect abit more from their projects and will want to spend more time on
them. My kinders are just happy to "make something" (especially if it
involves paint!), while my 5th graders can spend up to 8 class periods
happily working on the same lesson.

I teach K-12 and travel to 3 schools daily (we're a small district). The
biggest problem I encountered at the beginning was my trying to save $$ in
certain areas so I could spend it on things I wanted more. Thus, I carried
scissors and glue bottles around with me until I decided this was crazy. I
spent 3 years building up supplies in each building so I wouldn't have to
carry things around anymore.

Starting out I would have all students do something similiar so you can
concentrate on the day-to-day problems of teaching on a cart. My first
assignment every year with my K-6 students is to put together their
portfolio. I give them color sheets to glue on the front - these sheets are
legal size xerox copies that I design. They have a large color wheel and
examples of the elements. We refer to these all year and I find it
invaluable that the students have this information in front of them every
class period. The first day we color in the primary colors, then the
secondary colors, etc etc. The students are excited about using their new
school supplies and I get a review lesson right off.

> Hi. Read through the archives and think you are all a great group of
> teachers. I am a new teacher and just got my first job. I will be teaching
> grades K-5 (which I was hoping for), however I will not have my own
> classroom and I will be traveling to 3 different schools. Yikes. I have
> plenty of lesson plans but am not sure how to work out some things. I am
> going to find out how I can properly store works in progress, but the
> does want a majority of my projects to be completed in one class period.
> anyone give my any tips etc. on how to better prepare myself to be a
> traveling teacher. I plan to try the water in spray bottle and baby wipes
> for clean up. But what are some other things I can do. The more I think
> about the situation I will be encountering the more nervous I become. I do
> have another offer in a public school teaching grades 7-8 and I would have
> my own room. However I do really want the K-5 job in private school. Sorry
> about the length of the post and thanks in advance for responding.
> Thanks,
> LeAnn