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sketchbook/artwork storage solution


From: artappeal (artappeal_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 09:14:02 PDT

This was written about storage issues:

  I will still be doing sketchbooks, but ONLY
> for 3-6,
> and I am already sweating about where I am going to keep them..

So, I've decided to post how I store 2-D student work in my classroom. It
works well for me, so perhaps it will help someone else, especially new,
overwhelmed, elementary art teachers.

First, I make a large oaktag folder for each class I have (usually I have 35
a week). I simply fold the oaktag in half (I think it is 28x36), and fold
over (1/2'') the ends and staple them (leaving the top open). So that I
don't have to make them every year, I lamenate them. I write the class
names with permanent markers and if I have to remove the names, I use
acetone (fingernail polish remover).

Next, students make their own folders with 18x24 construction or drawing
paper folded in half. We fold over (1/2") one end and then glue or staple
it so that we can put small items in the corner and they won't fall out.
The folders all have first and last names in the same spot, then can be
decorated in any way. These are nice because the students can work on top
of the folders like a placemat, and you can read their names if you happen
to forget, plus the table stays cleaner. I collect the folders in piles by
table number, so it's very quick and easy to pass back work, it's all in

The individual folders are stored in the class folders, and the class
folders are stored upright (like books on a book shelf) in a deep closet I
have. They are stored in order by day and schedule. If you don't have a
closet, I've also stored them on the counter, same upright style. They hung
off a bit, but it worked.

This method saves so much time passing back work, and artwork is rarely lost
or misplaced. Oh, and the reason I wrote this is, I think sketchbooks that
are not too thick, could be stored easily in the student folders. In fact,
I may experiment with sketchbooks this year.