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RE: pledge


From: Kimberly Herbert (kherbert_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 14:31:54 PDT

        The history of the Flag and the flag code is part of the first
Social Studies unit in 5th grade. It gives us a lot to discuss, and
helps set a tone for the class the rest of the year. It surprises the
students that the author of the pledge was a minister, did not include
the phrase "under God", and that his family objected to the addition of
the phrase on the grounds he would not have liked it because it would
exclude many people. That leads to a discussion of copyrights and using
another person's work or altering it. Abridged books tend to come up at
this time.

        We also talk about what is proper behavior when a flag not just
the US flag is being saluted, or anyone's national anthem is being sung
(for example O' Canada when the Expos play the Astros). Who has to take
of their hats always leads to an interesting discussion. We talk about
why there are different rules for "men's hats" and "women's hats". We
also talk about the reasons some religions do not allow their members to
say the pledge, or require men to wear head covering.

Kimberly Herbert

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From: Woody Duncan []
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> Do I think a student should be forced to say the pledge? Of course
not, but
> I am having a hard time understanding how it can be unconstitutional
when a
> citizen of a country pledges allegiance to that country.

A few students are not allowed by their religion to say a pledge to
but their God. Most people don't object to "a pledge", only to certain
Some of us do not share christian religious beliefs and correctly object
to the
"Under God" as imposed recognition of religion upon all of us. Although
I would not
bother to take it to court, it is just to minor an issue, and there are
so many
more things that need to be dealt with in society; like poverty, hunger,
housing, jobs, health care and funds for schools, etc.
                                        My thoughts, Woody in KC

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