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Re: "keeping entertained..."


From: Bunki Kramer (bkramer_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 11:41:48 PDT

from: Bunki Kramer (
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
 Danville, CA 94526

From: "Kathleen Shilson" <>
I barely have enough time to catch a breath of fresh air. My students are in
my face the minute I walk into the school and open my door to the class
room. Through the course of the day I am constantly working with my students
(makes the day go faster) and helping to put out fires
Wayne S
Lordy...this thread is becoming even MORE amusing and I'm sure that is not
the intention of the writers. Some perspectives are becoming slightly

Yes...for those who are's been a joke. No I don't work on my own
artwork.....oops...once I did, mea culpa, and I used one piece of classroom
colored construction paper and some craypas. I made a drawing of a
listmember's dog (Carolyn) as a surprise. Shame on me for trying to get back
a LITTLE of the personal $$$ I continuously pour into my school art program
because there isn't enough. know my personality and how I love
to exaggerate with words. You do the same thing. Read the post from above
from Wayne. Surely Wayne didn't really mean he "puts out fires" (Lordy, I
hope not!). Nor do I need to be "entertained". It was meant as humor. It's
an "attitude" I shared with someone who was mumbling about having to put the
cores back into the Prang colored pencils. Instead of getting pissed and
grumbling, treat it as a "fun thing to do". Everything goes down better with
a tablespoon of sugar...even a chore. I even put it in quotes..."keeps me
entertained" for those of you who don't get my humor. Obviously some of you
STILL don't get it. I'm not pokin' fun at you here but this technology still
doesn't have a handle on tonal inflection so occasionally you have to learn
to read between the lines or learn how a person expresses themselves...even
in anger as some of us are want to do.

Misinterpretation will always occur here once in a while (as in this case)
but remember we are ALL in the same ballgame and on the same team. No matter
what grade level you teach, each has its own unique problems. Some are
better organizers than the rest of us so things flow a little easier (and
that generally comes with experience) though, too, some of us oldsters still
don't have it all together yet. It doesn't really matter anyway because in
the end it depends on just how wonderful we all are in how we teach a
subject we all love no matter what our style.

Let's get some positive vibes flowing back here again. We shouldn't bicker
about how we are all different but how we are all the same.